Monday, May 12, 2014

Course Redesign Update: May 12, the day of Jatakas

On Mondays, I will do a quick count for some of the items I am tracking in the spreadsheet to make sure I am on target to finish this project by August!

Units blogged: 35 (goal: 72)
Stories posted: 641 (goal: 1500)
Stories proofread: 327 (goal: 1500)
Stories with pictures: 429 (goal: 1500)
Stories with notes: 171 (goal: 600)

The idea is that I will have 72 different units (spread over 12 weeks) for the students to read if they want. All the stories in all those units will be proofread and with an illustration. Some of the stories will have notes, but most will not.

In addition, there will be 24 units (2 such units per week for the 12 weeks) where the stories will all have notes, along with introductory materials, assignment prompts, etc. Then, over the coming year, I will build up the remaining units so that they have notes and additional materials as well.

You can see the different units and the weekly organization here: Content Development Plan.

Meanwhile, today was the day of Buddhist Jatakas! I worked on the two different Jataka units: the one with Jatakas from Babbitt's two books of Jatakas for children, and the other from Shedlock's book of Jatakas that has a more explicitly Buddhist orientation. I had such a good time working on them together. I was so glad that the Shedlock book has the Kisagotami story; it is a beautiful story I am so glad to include in the class: The Wise Physician.

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