Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Course Redesign Update: May 7 - Nigeria, West Africa, Women Saints, Aesop

Here are some of the things I am working on today - and so far, everything is going according to schedule! Whoo-hoo!

Nigerian Unit. I published the story pages and proofread the pages, but I have not added images yet. There are some great stories in here, some with very familiar motifs, but also some really unusual stories too. One of the things I will enjoy the most, although I probably won't get to it until August (and maybe not even until next summer) is building the units that draw on stories from different cultures, organized by themes. For example, there are some great aetiological stories in this unit, along with some really good stories about jealousy and family relations.

West Africa Unit. After I finished proofreading the Nigeria unit, I decided to work on the related West Africa unit. What great stories! There are many Anansi stories here, which provides the context for the unit on Jamaica Anansi stories; I had a Jamaica Anansi unit at my old website, but I did not have the West African context to go with it; now I do! I included some photos to go with these stories, too, since many of them had natural candidates based on the animals in the story, like this chameleon: King Chameleon and the Animals.

Women Saints. I also finished adding notes and pictures to the Women Saints unit, so that one is ready for the Introduction and reading/writing assignment materials. One of the stories that I worked on today was Saint Daria - such a great story! She was protected by a lion. :-)

Aesop's Fables Unit: DONE. Finally, I finished up my fourth completed Unit, which means that the Unit has the readings, notes, illustrations, along with an introduction and the supplementary materials for the reading and writing assignments. Four down... twenty to go! :-)

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