Friday, May 9, 2014

Course Redesign Update: May 9 - audio and images

This "diary" strategy is working nicely for me. I can post anytime during a given day, catching up on what I did since the last post. So, here's what I got up to on Thursday evening and Friday!

Audiobooks. So excited about the possibilities offered by the audiobook offerings via LibriVox and its mash-ups. I learned that you can embed the Internet Archive playlist version of LibriVox recordings in a blog post. So easy! So, I made an audiobook label for posts about books I am using that have audio from LibriVox, and since I am using public domain materials for my course, I look forward to having more audiobooks to add to that list. For students who prefer audio to text, this is going to be super! Here, for example, is the LibriVox audiobook via Internet Archive for Ellen Babbitt's Jataka Tales.

Unit: Bible Women. I am working away on adding the images to the Bible Women unit. This is one of those images that will be rich in images, and I am guessing that will be a deciding factor for some students in the reading units they choose. And I think that's great: I find images to be very stimulating when I read a story since sometimes the image reinforces my own imaginings, while other times it might catch me by surprise and make me notice something new. One of the storytelling prompts for this unit will definitely be to retell a story in a way that is informed by an image, drawing on details from the image in the telling of the story! Here, for example, is a gorgeous image for Susannah and the Elders - it's a sculpture (detail below), which is unusual too as most of the images I work with are paintings:

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