Friday, June 20, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 20 - almost a trillion!

By adding the two new units (Folktales of Laos and The Monkey King from China; see below for both), I reached a nice round number of units: 70! So, that is 70% of the units done. I'm still feeling a little nervous about what I have to do between now and August 1, but the spreadsheet continues to tell me that this is going to work, and the nice round number of units done prompted me to do number-crunching. As of the end of the day on June 20, I had:

units posted: 70
stories posted: 1351
stories with pictures: 1085
stories proofread: 1029
stories with notes: 344
stories with audio: 317
units with overviews: 32

Then, when I do the UN-textbook combinations (on my way to the hundreds of trillions, ha ha), here is where things stand:
(which means: 16 choices in week 2, 15 choices in week 3, and so on for the 12 weeks in which students are choosing what to read).

Result: ALMOST one trillion, but not quite: 958,003,200,000. :-)

And here are the Google+ posts about the new units:

The Monkey King.

Folktales from Laos.

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