Thursday, July 3, 2014

Course Redesign Update: July 3 - half-way and end markers

Today I went through all the reading units that are done so far (and that's 82 out of 100) and added in an image file to mark the half-way point in each unit. That's where people will stop and do their first Declaration for the reading (or their only Declaration if they are getting a late start on the reading and only doing half). I was really pleased with how the units divided up at pretty convenient points; with just a few exceptions, the half-way point really is about exactly half-way while also marking a good stopping point in the flow of the stories. I'm guessing a lot of people will want to do the reading all in one sitting, but even if they do, I hope I can prompt them to take a break half-way through, write some notes in their blog, and do the Declaration before moving on to the second half. Having this little reminder right in the midst of the reading should help to do that I hope! Here's what it looks like:

So here is the Cherokee unit, and if you look at the page that displays all the posts with that label, you can see where the half-way marker shows up. Most of the units spill over on to a second label page because of Blogger's size limits on how much can be displayed as a single page, but the half-way marked will always show up on the first post page. For the Cherokee unit, the half-way point is in the "Rabbit and Deer" story:

Then on the last story page, I've added a marker "The End" (and there's also no "next" navigation link on that final story page). Here's how that looks on the Bullfrog Lover page, the last story in the Cherokee unit:

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