Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fall Diary, August 17: Class Twitter Widget

I had such a success with the Course Redesign Diary this summer that I am going to try to do something similar for the Fall semester, even if it is just a quick post or an embed of a Google+ post each day. Today is Sunday, August 17... the day before the official first start of classes. I've made so many changes to the classes this semester (some of them HUGE), so I will have plenty to write about here in my diary, but I wanted to start with something simple and powerful: the dedicated class Twitter stream. I've pasted it in below as a widget, and there is also a widget in the Class Announcements sidebar.

I'm been amazed at how incredibly easy it has been to integrate posting to this Twitter account a natural part of my day, with multiple items every day that just present themselves — either from my OU Twitter lists and/or my web browsing and/or class content creation. There have even been some tweets for student content creation, and I hope there will be more and more of these.

So, I guess all my time spent FINALLY learning how to make good use of Twitter has paid off. I am hoping this Twitter stream will be both fun and useful for the students. Obviously, it could have the best impact on students who already use Twitter, but thanks to the widget in the Class Announcements sidebar and my links to the Twitter stream in the announcements, it will be fun and useful to ALL the students in these classes!


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