Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fall Diary, August 23: Day 6... such a good first week!

Normally I don't do schoolwork on weekends, but I think the UnTextbook marks a real shift in the overlap between my hobbies and my teaching... so here I am, happily do schoolwork (schoolplay?) on Saturday. In the past, I had used my spare time for all my Latin hobbies but now, having finally (!!!) set that aside, working on all the beautiful books in the UnTextbook is now my happy hobby.

So, what I did today was to go through all the UnTextbook blog posts from the students last week in order to see what units were most likely to be picked in the coming weeks. Here are the results: UnTextbook Student Picks.

I'm not surprised that Ancient Egypt was such a popular choice... it was a popular option in the old version of the course too! I was also really happy that almost every unit got picked by at least someone. I really wasn't sure what to expect about that, but it validates my sense that there is a huge range of student interests out there, and the more we can do to anticipate that range of interests, the better.

I was also super-pleased that Jewish Fairy Tales got mentioned by so many students as a possibility, so that is the unit I need to get to work on, adding notes. And what a pleasure that will be!

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