Sunday, August 24, 2014

Getting started with

Thanks very much to Adam Croom and all the people who worked on getting our "Domain of One's Own" project up and running at This is a super-busy time of the semester for me, but I am going to try to experiment a little bit every weekend. So, here is what I did today:

1. Create a domain:

2. I created a temporary redirect that will send people going to to this blog, since I will be keeping a chronicle here (for now anyway) of my Domain adventures. I'll use Domains as the label for these posts.

3. Just for fun, I set up a subdomain,, which points to the blog for my Brevissima book. It works!

This is going to be a great opportunity for me to explore WordPress and my goal is to keep on developing Blogger support for my students (I am esp. encouraged that there is domain mapping, so people could map a Blogger blog to their own domain), while also learning about WordPress so that next year ... if this project continues, as I hope it will! ... I can offer students a choice of WordPress or Blogger.

Meanwhile, I need to think of some WordPress project to do over there... I think maybe I will try to write up something descriptive/pedagogical about my classes, a kind of meta-commentary on all my course sites and pages. Just a thought...

And the next Blogger blog I set up, I will map to this domain and learn how that works so that I can document that process for my students.

Anyway, I am excited about this, and I really appreciate the invite, Adam! :-)

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  1. Woohoo! Glad you are up and running. I know its a busy season but play time will come soon enough! If you do want to use Wordpress, what I do sometimes is go ahead and install the Wordpress app and then install a plugin called underConstruction which will allow me to redirect to another site while I'm doing another build out. There's also a feature in the cPanel that will allow you to "clone" an app install. So for install, you could be build on "" and then clone it over to your main domain when you feel ready very easily. Have fun!


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