Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inoreader: My New Tool for Connecting in the Open

A catalyst for me joining in on the Connected Courses adventure is my recent discovery of Inoreader, an RSS aggregator that offers some really powerful tools that people can use in aggregating and syndicating blogs via public sharing. For those of you who are still pining for Google Reader and disappointed by Feedly, I think you will be very happy to learn about Inoreader. I know I was!

In this blog post, I thought I would try to pull together some of the scattered thoughts I have published about it since discovering Inoreader on August 13... a momentous day! I will be excited to see if there are other users of Inoreader participating in Connected Courses; it will be fun to compare notes! For me, it has been transformative, and I will be retooling my courses in Spring to make even better use of the opportunities it offers. It's nothing like Alan Levine's amazing WordPress-based aggregation/syndication tools... but if you are looking for a fast and easy solution to aggregating and syndicating blogs, Inoreader is ready to go!

Here are some things I have posted about Inoreader at this blog and at my Anatomy of an Online Course blog, and also at Google+ ... which is where I learned about Inoreader to begin with! The most recent posts are at the top, and I've bolded and asterisked the big posts (tl;dr is my middle name...):

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