Monday, September 8, 2014

News Round-Up: September 8

Becky's posted another round-up, which prompts me to do another one here also! I'm using the News Round-Up label here, and we've got an #ouednews hashtag at Twitter.

Questions Surround The Growth Claims Of An Education Technology Company That Just Raised $85 Million. Detailed follow-up at Buzzfeed (of all places!) on Phil Hill's earlier posts, trying to get a sense of just what's going on at D2L.

Lossless Learning: an Interview with Jared Stein. A thought-provoking interview at Hybrid Pedagogy with Instructure's VP of Research and Education. I'm really not interested in learning management systems at this point, but it's clear that Instructure is pursuing some ideas that are more than just hype, and this interview is a breath of fresh air compared to the recent PR blitz for D2L BS.

A Prof Debunks Standardized Testing & Pearson Strikes Back. Very depressing article from Texas Observer about the evils of standardized testing and the power of Pearson.

Why Flunking Exams is Actually a Good Thing. I was not really impressed by the New York Times article, but I sure enjoyed the discussion it provoked at G+, so I've linked to that discussion here, where you'll also find a link to the New York Times article.

8 Ways Teachers Make Students Love Reading. A great follow-up from Mark Barnes after his earlier post on six ways teachers kill the joy of reading.

On the Immense Good Fortune of Higher Education. A final Chronicle piece by Kevin Carey. I don't always agree with Kevin Carey, but the topics he addresses are very important ones.

Why I Quit. Sobering piece from Marina Warner, one of my all-time favorite authors, who has run out of patience with higher ed reform in the U.K.

And just for fun, here's a hilarious video — nothing really new here, but very well done!

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