Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unit 2: Free readings online... my suggestions... looking for more!

So since next week is crazy-busy for me, I'm trying to do a lot of Unit 2 today, but I was so bummed out that the reading recommended for Unit 2 consists of BOOKS. Eeek. Not free. Not online.

Oh, wait, aha: one PDF I can nab for free: The Network Society: From Knowledge to Policy (Manuel Castell & Gustavo Cardoso, 2005). Kind of dated but I will see what I can find there.

Meanwhile, I've listed below more or less at random some articles and blog posts and one (free!) book I have enjoyed about networking and also about fear, privacy, and related topics. Seven is a lucky number, so I'll stop here at seven. Maybe others can recommend some more good reads...? That would be great!!!

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UPDATE: See comments below for great things from Vanessa and I am THRILLED by these two posts from Mariana Funes: wow!!!

Of monsters, contemplation and information by Mariana Funes
The psychology of open: On wrestling your inner MOOC by Mariana Funes
These two are going to give me links to follow and explore to keep me busy for all of Unit 2, and they address exactly the questions I really wanted to ponder for this unit. Thank you, Mariana, for sharing those links!!!

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How to Overcome What Scares Us About Our Online Identities by Brian Croxall
More about this very useful and thought-provoking article in my earlier post.

Death to the Digital Dropbox: Rethinking Student Privacy and Public Performance by Patrick Lowenthal and David Thomas.
So, I've shared this with a LOT of faculty, thinking that it would provoke an "aha" moment for them since it is written specifically to calm a wide range of fears (much like Brian's Chronicle piece above), but no such luck. I've found it's either "preaching to the choir" (when faculty have already reached these conclusions on their own already) or else it just provokes resistance, even fierce resistance, from faculty who are not willing to go public even in a limited sense.

Dancing with Professors: The Trouble with Academic Prose by Patricia Nelson Limerick
Not about online but instead about academic writing in general. This fabulous piece has I think some great insight into perfectionism and fear: "Professors are often shy, timid and fearful people, and under those circumstances, dull, difficult prose can function as a kind of protective camouflage."

The Cluetrain Manifesto by Rick Levine, Christopher Locker, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger.
Yes, it is a CLASSIC. You can read the whole thing online. This book was THE lightbulb moment for me. I read it in a single sitting in what must have been Fall of 2001. There was no going back.

Reflections on Becoming a Connected Educator by Michelle Pacansky Brock.
Inspiring thoughts from one of the most inspirational people I know online! See esp. her notes on being childlike: fearless and powerful and willing to fail.

Commitment by Mike Caulfield.
This is just a short blog post, but it really resonated with me. As an antidote to failure and fear of failure, making a strong commitment is essential. I admittedly say no to a lot of things (lack of time rather than fear being my usual reason), but when I do say yes to something, I do so with a strong sense of commitment that is able to carry me through a lot of setbacks.

Social Network Decision Tree by Guy Kawasaki.
It's from 2011... but still fun! I ended up INSTANTLY at Google+. Both on the chart and in real life. :-)


  1. Scattered, but I've got more Castells on networks (and especially cities) ~ happy to see this one (then found I already had a copy...but not in bookmarks so now I do). I posted a number of shorter articles to CityMOOC G+ community (grrr) without bookmarking...face palm...head bang. It might be easier to just search from scratch.

    Here's a February 2014 Manuel Castells video, "The Space of Autonomy: Cyberspace and Urban Space in Networked Social Movements" (long and more about networks and social movements; cue to 7:00 to skip introduction)

    "Networked Social Movements" sounds more up my network alley than the #ccourses units so far.

    This 2012 video, Communication power in the Network Societies might be more #ccourses relevant.

    1. Ooooooh, super, Vanessa - Castells is new to me! Thank you!!!
      That's one of the virtues of making lists like this; helps me make sure I have things bookmarked too. :-)

  2. Love this post, thanks for all those wonderful links from many of my fave writers too (salivating in anticipation now!) and the infographic is also awesome!

    1. Maha, you were able to break through the comment barrier, ha ha. Seeing all your Diigo stuff is making me think I need to get better about using Diigo to bookmark things. I used to be very Diigo diligent, but I have gotten lazy about it since I can usually find my stuff by searching Google+. Search there sucks, but I can still usually find my stuff. That's how I made this list. :-)


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