Sunday, October 5, 2014

Connected Courses at PInterest

Well, today ran away from me (in a good way: it felt like FALL here... beautiful!), so I did not get as much done for Connected Courses as I had hoped, but I am glad to have my Connected Courses Pinterest Board up and running as a way to quickly pin things to come back to later. Next week is one of my revision weeks also, so I should have more time than I did last week; my classes alternate between weeks of original writing and revision weeks... next week is revision!

And I can attest to the power of connecting via Pinterest, because via her Connected Courses Pinterest Board, I connected with Tania Sheko in Melbourne... a woman of 30,000 pins. Whoo-hoo! Yet another a new connection to add to the many wonderful connections I've made over the past few weeks of Connected Courses.

Pinterest is a tool that I have really enjoyed learning to use in the past year, largely because I am very visually oriented. Working with images is one of the things I most enjoy about working online! Last week Debbie Morrison wrote up a post about social tools for online courses, and she included the Indian Epics Pinterest Board of one of my students as an example. I was so excited about that!

How to Develop a Sense of Presence in Online and F2F Courses with Social Media by Debbie Morrison

And I'm embedding my Connected Courses Board below... embedding being another one of the nifty features of Pinterest. :-)

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