Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fearless Kittehs: Just Do It

Alan Levine was worried that my LatinLOLCat was looking a little timid there in the previous post, which is only an excuse for me to share some of the courageous kittehs. I am not cowering: I FEAR NOTHING | NIL TIMEO.

Nil timeo.
I fear nothing.

Audentes deus ipse iuvat.
God himself favors the bold ones.

Animus omnia vincit.
Courage conquers all things.

Perge audacter.
Go boldly.

Fortis cadere, cedere non potest.
The brave man can fall but not fail.

Audendum est: age.
You need to be bold: do it.
[Latin pun: age also means "drive"]


  1. LOL! Ittieskay azhay igpay atinlay.

  2. The LatinLOLcats are my Internet claim to fame, ha ha. And everybody needs a claim to fame!
    Shakespeare too! :-)


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