Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Doctor Who Quotes: Co-Learning and Co-Blogging

One of my fun projects for the holidays is a Doctor Who quotes project, which you can see here at this brand-new blog: Doctor Who Quotes. I'm reading through the scripts of Doctor Who episodes and pulling out lists of quotes, and then turning some especially nice quotes into graphics using Quozio and similar tools (details). Here's an example of one of the quote graphics I've made so far:

So, as I was working away on this over the weekend, I realized that it could be a perfect project to fold in with the Tech Tips for my class. As I explain here — Tech Tips — I encourage students in my classes to learn how to use different web-based tools, especially meme makers and other content generators. That means I can share with the students the quotemaker tools I am using for this Doctor Who project, and they can look at my Doctor Who quotes to see just which quotemaker tools they might like best.  In addition, they can see me using a blog for an online project, much like what they will be doing in class. Co-learning... and co-blogging!

And, of course, it's a way for me to share my own interests and eccentricities with the class in a fun way. There are always a few Doctor Who fans in the class to start with, and I'm guessing pretty much all the students have heard of Doctor Who. With the shows being so readily available at Netflix, I might even be able to tempt some students into the Whoverse.

Meanwhile, between now and the start of school, I'll focus on the different quotemaker tools so that I can get those lined up for the students to look at and choose from as Tech Tip options. If anybody reading this has some favorite quotemaker tools to suggest, let me know! There are so many of them out there, each with its own pluses and minuses. I don't really even have a favorite yet, although I am a long-time fan of Automotivator, a "motivational poster" style of quotemaker. Here's a Doctor Who quote made with the Automotivator ... and cue TARDIS sound effects in the background for this one! :-)

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