Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to follow my Spring 2015 Inoreader adventures

For people who are interested in following my Inoreader process for managing the student blog network in my two classes, I'm going to try to document that in EXCRUCIATING detail this semester ha ha. Last semester, I found Inoreader just in the nick of time for class but too late for any real documentation. This time around, though, I want to do a good job with this for all kinds of reasons:

* documenting for myself: I know I made some strategic mistakes in Fall semester, so I want to do better in Spring, and I also want to leave a trail so that I can do even better next year too!
* documenting for others: I am sure that Inoreader is a very powerful tool for any teacher who wants to engage with students using blogs, but it's not necessarily obvious just how to do that - I'm still figuring it out as I go along!
* documenting for Inoreader: I am so impressed by the support I've received from the nice people at Inoreader, and I hope that by sharing with them exactly how I am using this amazing tool, it can add to their understanding of the user experience.

So, here is how I will do that:

Google+ posts. Google+ is the quickest, easiest place for me to post during the workday, and it's also my favorite place for dialogue/sharing online. It's my "thinking out loud" space, so it will be the main place I post these observations for now.

Twitter #InoreaderS15. When I post at Google+ or post here at my blog, I'll use the #InoreaderS15 hashtag.

OUDigitools. When I post here at this blog, I'll use the InoreaderS15 label too.

Teaching with Inoreader. Slowly but surely, I'll add more material to my Teaching with Inoreader site, although in the hectic days of getting ready for class, I may be slower to write things up there.

Inoreader. And, of course, Inoreader will let me tag all these items and push them back on in a single stream which you can subscribe to by RSS — a stream that will combine my blog posts, tweets, and Google+ posts all in one place (yes, Inoreader really is amazing!). Here's how that RSS feed looks in Firefox; I wish all browsers rendered RSS in such a pretty way:

In addition to the RSS feed from Inoreader, you can also see it as an HTML clipping page: whoo-hoo! I've set that up to display 100 items on the clipping page, so it really should give you the whole thing at a single glance, all in once place (this way of compiling related content on a single page is another one of my favorite things about Inoreader).

Is anybody else having an Inoreader adventure this spring? If you want to use that hashtag to share your documentation also at Twitter, that would be super, and if you are blogging somewhere, let me know and I'll snag your blog posts and pop them into my InoreaderS15 stream from Inoreader.

RSS: it really IS a superpower! :-)

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