Friday, January 2, 2015

Quotes of the Week: January 2

I've gotten behind on doing my quote posts, but I have some great quotes and graphics and such to share, so I'll start getting caught up now! Luckily, Inoreader comes to my rescue here, letting me tag the quotes and graphics that I want to share, and then when I do finally get around to doing the post, the material is there waiting for me. :-)

I'm labeling this for Connected Courses since that experience is what reinvigorated this blog and got me started doing these posts, and also OU CTE (Center for Teaching Excellence - here's the RSS) because I keep hoping something might come of Adam's plan to run a kind of blog hub to get a bigger, better online conversation going at OU in the coming year!

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Presumably Connected Courses will not be over until the last connected course is over. That is, never. (source)

You can describe it forever but it’s the doing that will convince people. (source)

Isn't part of the "problem" with fostering change the fact that most institutions put faculty development resources towards face-to-face workshops? (source)

The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them. (source)

The academic definition of research is far too narrow. Research is also what we don't yet understand — what we don't yet have language for. (source)

Grades are good at measuring levels of task completion and bad at measuring the impact those tasks have on meaningful & sustained learning. (source)

I remained convinced that it is absolutely impossible to create a useful cheap standardized test for writing. The repeated attempts to do so are a destructive expression of a nearly nihilistic impulse, the thinking of people who believe a picture of a bear rug is as good as a bear. (source)

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