Thursday, May 7, 2015

IE UnTextbook Summer Diary: Thursday, May 7

Today was a busy day (family stuff), but I managed to keep on making some progress: two comic books, and another nine pages of the PDE Ramayana... leading up to the story of Sampati and Jatayu, one of my favorites. I am so glad I had the version in Richardson to use there!

Of the two comic books I did, Dasharatha was nothing special (although some students might enjoy all the palace intrigue among the queens), but the Ancestors of Rama one was great. It is exciting to be able to offer students these stories that come from Kalidasa's Raghuvamsha. And such cool stories: Nandini the cow was definitely my favorite, but the story of Aja's magic spear was another good one. I like how the comic book page can stand on its own as a resource for the whole class too, in addition to however many students choose that particular comic book as a reading option. 


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