Tuesday, May 5, 2015

IE UnTextbook Summer Diary: Tuesday, May 5

We're going to some friends' Cinco de Mayo party, so I'm publishing this earlier rather than later today! After my first diary post from yesterday where I tried to summarize my progress so far, I can make this more like a true diary post: what I did today (well, in the 24 hours since last post and this one). And I'm sharing this with #Rhizo15 ... Twitter convo about content with Jesse Stommel et al. gave me lots of good things to think about as I worked away on the UnTextbook today, pondering content-as-exploratorium.

Comic books. I did two Ravana-related comic books and they are both going to be so useful, especially Lord of Lanka because it contains the stories of Vedavati (not in either of the books I had previously used for class) and the story of Rambha (in Buck only before).
Ravana Humbled: An Arrogant King Finds New Friends
The Lord of Lanka: The Rise and Fall of a Demon King

PDE Ramayana. This is my main focus right now as I want to get that done if I can before I leave for Texas next week. It is really fun writing up the Reading Guide portion to go with each page (including a few words about the source when a new source gets added to the mix), along with adding an image. I have now FINISHED the first 20 pages, which is the first day's worth of reading (total of 80 pages, four days of reading = two weeks). If printed out as a book, the PDE Ramayana would be around 150 pages I guess... but the whole point is that it is NOT a book. :-)

Ramayana Images. Illustrating the posts in the PDE Ramayana, I had to search for a few new images to include, like this one for Rama breaking Shiva's bow; I really wanted an illustration that put the focus on the bow, and I found this one by Evelyn Paul — it's an illustration for Monro, one of the books that will be a reading option later!

I also loved this Rama-and-Sita sculpture that I found at Flickr. Photographer: Indi Samarajiva.

YouTube. I was listening to background music today, and so I started building a Background Music playlist. Some good kirtans in there, other nice stuff.

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