Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Content Development Plans

Last summer, I had a really steady content development plan, but this summer is more challenging, and now that we are in the second half of June, I need to really start thinking about just what I am doing, and also how I can take advantage of the different online platforms that I like (Blogger, G+, Twitter, Pinterest) and a new platform (Known), along with great new features at Inoreader (IFTTT integration!). It would be good to come up with some good content development habits and routines this summer so that I can then make a smooth transition into the Fall semester. I had a good set of content habits in the Spring semester, but family troubles got me off kilter, and I never quite got back into a routine after that. So, now is the time to think about the many different things I'd like to be doing... and then I can see which ones seem likely to stick!

Bestiaria Latina. This is rolling right along, and I am so glad to have Amy Burvall's great videos to add in to the mix, like in this post which features her Pompei.

LOLCats. It's been a long time since I did any harvesting at Cheezburger, but if I am going to do Hamlet this summer (and I really want to do that!), it would be good to have some more cats along with my existing collection of cats. So, I've updated my inventory spreadsheet, and I'll try to do 10 pages or so of Cheezburger cats when I have time. I'm going to have fun with this one of a possum infiltrator:

Class announcements. I need to start going through the mountain of stuff in Inoreader to look for items to share as class announcements, either in the Announcements blog (backdated) or in the Writing blog. I've got the "notbookmarked" label in Inoreader to help me out, but I really need to dedicate some time to this each day.

Amar Chitra Katha. Doing a comic book every day is working out GREAT. That has been a real anchor for the summer now that I have gotten into that habit. So, smooth sailing there at the ACK blog.

Indian Epics books. I'm clearly going to end up with a lot of books available for students to read that do not have Reading Guides (yet), so I need to get into the habit of writing up blog posts for those books now so that they will be ready for students to choose and use if they are ready to go on their own without a Guide. Maybe I can try to do one of those per day also.

Indian Epics Reading Guides. I'm definitely behind on these, and I need to go through and strategize about which ones to do in which order to make sure I am ready to go when Fall comes!

Indian Epics images. I had a great routine for cycling through Indian Epics images, choosing one per day to profile. That can be an old image, or maybe a new one. So here, again, I need to get into an image-per-day routine... although at this point, I probably should be doing 2-3 images per day if possible (recycling and/or posting new).

Maker Challenges and Tech Tips. This is also something I cannot afford to put off. I need to start writing up at least one or preferably two of these Challenges per week, along with adjusting the Tech Tips accordingly. 

Okay... I can do this I think because these all sound like so much fun! I need to start tomorrow on getting a good spreadsheet running to see just how these all go and figure out if this will work as a set of daily practices! Because August is going to be here soooooo soon.

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