Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I am really excited for the way that the LMS conversation going on at OU right now can perhaps become an occasion for bigger discussion about teaching and learning. This time around, unlike when we switched to D2L years ago, we have OU Create in place, which means that faculty and students alike have really powerful web tools they can use in conjunction with the LMS... and that makes all the difference! So, I hope that in addition to educating people about the LMS options, we can also educate them about options BEYOND the LMS, with blogs, wikis, and other web-based tools that can open up a whole world of learning and sharing that boldly goes where no learning management system can ever go. :-)

And we've got a hashtag for sharing ideas about all this now at Twitter, so here goes: I'm looking forward to lots of good discussion in the next year or two: whoo-hoo! I'll also label LMS- and related posts here with #OU_LMS16, starting with this post. :-)

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