Saturday, April 30, 2016

Twitter Widget in Canvas... HELP!

Well, I was excited to get started learning about Canvas, but my first effort is a bust. I created a new Twitter widget I want to use, which works fine here (see below), but when I paste it into a Canvas page (HTML editor), I just get gibberish. Not a good start; I'll come back next week. I'm happy to play with Canvas on a weekend if it's going to be fun, but not if it's going to be annoying, ha ha.

How it looks in the HTML editor:

How it looks when I switch back to WYSIWYG:

What I see when I publish:

I found the Canvas Twitter "app" for embedding, but it sucks because there is no auto-expand for images and the main reason I use Twitter is to share images and video. Students are not going to notice something that looks like this:

Sigh. Instead of a faux Twitter widget, I would like a real one please!

Compare a real Twitter widget which shows images:

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