Friday, October 21, 2016

In Praise of Diigo

Those of you who use Diigo have seen the new interface; I'm not here to praise the interface (I haven't even had time to try it out yet really)... but instead I want to sing the praises of the customer support staff at Diigo who were SO HELPFUL in the past two days since the interface went live for all users: all my legacy links were broken, and I was desperate — I rely on Diigo a lot for my own bookmarks but, more importantly, I use Diigo as a tool for my classes; it's how my students browse the Freebookapalooza Book Library Online, along with other class resources.

So, when the new interface went live for all on Wednesday, I was in big trouble: was I doing to have to recode by hand all my hundreds of legacy links? I immediately used the feedback button in the lower right-hand corner of the new interface, reporting the problem. I really didn't expect anything to happen; I was mostly just venting because I figured I would have to spend the whole weekend redoing my links with the new syntax.

But... I got an email response from someone named Lynn at Diigo who assured me "The developer's looking into it and will fix it soon." Now, I was not really confident about that, but I emailed back some more examples and screenshots. Then, over Wednesday night, they made some fixes, and then on Thursday they made some more fixes, and I kept sending back screenshots for instances that were still not working... and by Friday morning, I got an email from Diigo asking me if everything was now working — and it seems like, indeed, all my legacy links are working!

In a word: WOW.

I'll keep exploring this weekend, when I will also have time to learn more about the new interface, but I wanted to post this just as a big THANK YOU to the Diigo developers for their excellent response to the problems I was having. Supporting the legacy links is something I think is really important, and I am so glad that they've got that working! I'm now looking forward to learning more about the new interface without having to be in a panic about all those existing links.


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