March 15, 2020

A quick video about

I made a short video for George Siemens; he's collecting 2-minute videos for his Pivot course); my video and transcript below.

Now you see why I am not safe for the classroom: I talk too fast! :-)

(YouTube link)

Hi everybody my name is Laura Gibbs and I teach online courses for the University of Oklahoma. I teach courses in Mythology and Folklore and in the Epics of India and what I want to share with you are the projects that my students create and we've got a short URL here you can use to get to this blog. It's an archive of links from my students' projects: I've got some randomizers up here so you'll see different projects at random each time the page reloads and then I've also got links down below to our past Storybooks for the many years that I've been doing this for Mythology and Folklore along with the current Storybooks that the students are working on this semester. Let's just go ahead and click on one and see where we end up: Karna and Arjuna, two warriors from the Mahabharata. This is a Google Site as you can see the student has written some various pages for the stories that they've told, and there's an Introduction. There's a link to their Comment Wall which is a blog. And you'll see that pattern over and over again. Students mostly do use Google Sites to do these projects. But they write about the things they care about, right? They pick their topics and I work with them on brainstorming and finding resources. So if you're thinking at all about having your students share and publish their work online, contact me. I've been doing this for ... how many years is it? ... 18 years. We started out with 3 megabytes of space a piece at our university web server using Netscape Composer and FTP. And now it's so much easier to publish and share online. So I love teaching online because I love my students' projects. And I'm glad to help anyone get a project-based element in your online courses. You can find me at Twitter @OnlineCrsLady and, like I said, Take a look at my students' great work. It's really inspiring.

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