June 16, 2020

Twitter Highlights: June 16

I worked on Anansi today; it was so much fun. More Anansi tomorrow too! And for now, some Twitter highlights.

I don't know if this will still be a freedownload in Fall, but wow, I was glad to learn about this from LantanaAmmuchi Puchi.

Something for the Hypothesis Tech annotations to WordPress via RSS

COVID-meme humor!

Via Helen South:

This from Joel took me to his Instagram:

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There are at least two types of jhala that we play on string instruments in Indian classical music: one is at the end of alaap (called jod jhala) and one is at the very climax of the performance, with the tabla and after the composition. With Guruji’s guidance, I have been working on my jod jhala, introducing a technique called thok jhala. Here is a little taste from the end of my performance on our Sur Sangam Academy of Music digital concert series on Facebook. You will find the full video there and I hope you will follow that page. It was an honor to perform there last week and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Can you guess the raga? How does listening to jhala make you feel? My goal is to elevate the vibration but not spoil the mood of the raga with too much shredding. See you on Sunday. Give thanks for life... - - - - - #jhala #indianslideguitar #ragas #meditationmusic #guitar #indianclassicalmusic #guess the #raga #eveningmelody #givethanks
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