March 25, 2000

materials removed from Alternate Grading post

These materials were originally at my Alternate Grading post, but they are outdated and I am not updating the petitions, etc. I'm posting them here just for the record of what I did previously include in the Alternate Grading post:


March 18 in the Yale Herald from the Editorial Board: The Herald Supports Universal Pass (and you should too). There is a link to their "Universal Pass" petition also.

See this article in the Daily Princetonian, a statement from their Editorial Board: P/D/F grading is the only responsible solution. (There was also a petition.)

See also these petitions; you can get a sense of student concerns from the texts of the petitions.
Update: March 18. Number of student petitions is growing and growing; I'm not going to try to track them, and this list is not even complete as of March 18. I'll be focusing on the school policy list above.

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