August 27, 2014

News Round-Up: August 27

We still have not figured out the mystery of my being flagged as a spammer over at the Academic Tech blog, but at least one comment has vanished into the ether, so I'm going to post a "news round-up" list here and share a link to this post over at the Academic Tech blog. That should work! Here is Becky's most recent news listing, and I would add these as the items that really caught my attention in the past week or so:

LMS Futures: Extinction? - Michael Berman's final post in a great series on LMS futures.

Book Advocates 'Reacting to the Past' Pedagogy - I am a big RTTP fan after having attended one of their workshops last year! I hope this book by Mark Carnes will increase the success of this already very successful and incredibly innovative program, and I was very happy that it got a write-up in Inside Higher Ed.

Building a Professional Development Hub for your School - This is the first of a series of posts at Langwitches about online professional development, and this first post reviews the big advantages of going online.

Using Pinterest for a More Visual Professional Development - I was glad to see this from the guys at Fractus Learning; I am more and more a fan of Pinterest!

What The Tweet? Your Illustrated Guide To New Twitter Jargon - A really great Twitter guide from ReadWriteWeb and, yes, I have a dedicated class Twitter feed as of this semester. It's fun and useful too!

Confessions of an Outlier in the Aftershock of Ferguson - Paul Thomas's very timely piece which also raises some timeless issues in education.

Self-Regulation: The Other 21st Century Skill - Jackie Gerstein's compendium of self-regulation resources, with a wonderful Gerstein graphic as always; I've included the graphic below.

Recent Research Review -- Reviewed (and Lamented) - Some great observations here by Will Thalheimer, especially on the importance of practice and feedback in learning.

Designing for Emergence: The Role of the Instructor in Student-Centered Learning - And, last but definitely not least: this is the article I would nominate as the best article I read this week, from Mary Stewart over at Hybrid Pedagogy.

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Graphic from Jackie Gerstein's Self-Regulation: The Other 21st Century Skill

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