September 19, 2014

Making a Simple Animated gif with GIMP

Since I just made a bilingual LatinLOLCat for my Connected Courses make post, I thought I would quickly explain here just how I made the animation with the GIMP (fabulous free image editing software; find out more at It's so easy!

1. I start with the two images which are already the same size. I happened to create these images with Cheezburger, but any images will work — just make sure they are the same height and width.

2. I start the GIMP and then to create the new file I choose the File-OpenAsLayers option. You can open multiple files at once, so I choose my two files and open both as layers. With just two images in the gif, it doesn't matter what order they are in, but for a more complex animation, you can arrange the order of the layers with the GIMP as needed.

3. Then I just do File-SaveAs and choose gif as the option. In the dialogue box that pops up about what to do with the layers, I choose "animation" and I usually set my animations to 2 seconds per frame (2000 milliseconds). That's it!

4. Click Export... and that's all! Isn't that simple??? I LOVE SIMPLE.

Writing up this tutorial has inspired me to go back through my GrammarCatz blog and turn them into animated gifs. I created the GrammarCatz as my own contribution to Common Core (mwahahaha), and I already have two cats for each graphic: one cat who meets Common Core English Language Arts Standards, and one cat who does not. Having the two graphics already done means it should be easy to make a new animated gif every day just for fun. Here is the Dude Cat:


  1. This is so useful! Thanks, Laura. (Howard)

  2. I am so glad you like it!!! The GrammarCatz were an idea from my grandson last summer. They were so much fun to make. :-)

  3. Thank so much for sharing this Laura, I'm really looking forward to trying it out. Such a great way to liven up an image!

    1. My pleasure, Karen! There are all kinds of fancy tricks you can do too! If you google "gimp animated gif" you can find lots more sophisticated ones. My main reason for doing animated gifs are these little bilingual and trilingual experiments, so I can do this super-easy kind of animation. :-)


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