March 28, 2015

DML2015: Here I come........!!!!

So, here is some big news: for the first time in ten years (!), I am going to a conference — DML (Digital Media and Learning Research Hub) in Los Angeles, June 11-13. Hashtag: #DML2015.

Here is the conference site:

And the main DML site:

I got to know some of the DML folks thanks to the fabulous experience that was Connected Courses in Fall 2014 (#ccourses).

When Alan Levine contacted me and asked me to be on a panel along with some other fabulous people, I obviously could not say no (Alan Levine!!! my hero!!!), and then it was really exciting when we found out the panel was accepted (long wait; I was thinking we had not made the cut).

Then, even more exciting, I got some funding from my school for the travel, thanks to the VERY NICE people in the Arts & Sciences Online Course program and to our wonderful Dean (yes, he's on Twitter!). That was a huge surprise; going to a conference is insanely expensive (eegad, the hotel, it makes my head hurt), so it really makes a huge difference to have my school's support in doing this!

In future posts I'll have more to say as I get ready for the conference, learn more about all the good work the folks at DML are doing, and on and on. It is going to be really fun to meet some people I have known only online, including people like Alan whom I have followed for over a decade online but whom I have never met in person. The whole Connected Courses experience last fall was such a great experience, and I am looking forward to DML goodness in June! :-)


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  2. Third try for a comment- Your enthusiasm, Laura, is happily noted and infectious. I'm excited we get to meet and present together. But the best part is reading that you are getting official support from OU to share your work.

    See you in Tinseltown.

    1. Argh, comments, isn't it awful? I feel like I should put a little graphic of Cookie Monster or something to warn people about the dangers of online forms and how comments get munched... and it's like the longer the comment, the more likely it will get munched. Anyway, I had so much fun poking around the DML site yesterday. I hadn't done that during Connected Courses and so I hadn't seen how Connected Courses fits in overall with the other things DML is supporting, so much cool stuff. And I subscribed to the DML Spigot: that is already putting stuff in my stream-to-read which I would not have seen otherwise. We actually finish school here on May 1, so that will give me plenty of time to ponder and get ready. I saw yesterday at Twitter that Kim Jaxon is going to be there for example. I am so curious who else I will get to meet!!! :-)

  3. Good luck. I spent all my travel funds already so it will be a #couchtour for me.

    1. Normally someone like me (adjunct, no academic dept.) doesn't have travel funds at all. I was so surprised and happy when I found out college would support the trip! :-)


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