March 12, 2015

OpenTeachingOU: An Open Friday Twitter chat!

I'm creating this post today, Thursday, to brainstorm some ideas and strategies for a Twitter chat fest that Rob Reynolds, Stacy Zemke and I will be enjoying on Friday morning, March 13, at 9AM Oklahoma time (and that's 10AM for me in NC)... hopefully with the participation of others also. Rob's got a Google+ post here to get the ball rolling! We'll be talking about open education in general, and specifically our experiences with open education efforts at the University of Oklahoma.

Yes, I know it is Friday the 13th!!! But we won't let that get us down! :-)

I've volunteered to Storify the event afterwards, and we'll be using the #OpenTeachingOU hashtag, along with whatever hashtags emerge. We were prompted to do this in honor of Open Education Week, and that hashtag is #OpenEducationWk with the related #AllAboutOpen tag. And the #OER hashtag is always hopping!

In addition, I've set up a publicly editable GoogleDoc where we can use to store and share stuff that doesn't fit in a tweet: OpenTeachingOU Google Doc. If this turns into a recurring Twitter event (I hope it will!), we can use this document, or a series of such documents, as an ongoing repository across multiple events.

I'm not sure if we want to run this like an organized type of Twitter chat with Q1 Q2 and so on, with people responding A1 A2, etc., but it might be good to give that a try just so that we behave! If we swap questions out every 10 minutes, that gives us time for a half-dozen questions. (More ideas and tips for Twitter chats.)

Here are some I would suggest, and hopefully both Stacy and Rob will chime in with ideas about that. I'll be glad to watch the clock and tweet out the questions at 10-minute intervals if we decide to try to be that well behaved, ha ha. How do these questions sound?

Q1 How is "open" important in your work as an educator today?
Q2 Who are some of your open heroes and heroines?
Q3 How has your own open presence online evolved over time?
Q4 What specific problems can the open approach help us to solve?
Q5 What can we do to promote open education at the Univ. of Oklahoma?
Q6 Do we want to keep using Twitter chat for more open-fests?

Later today, I'll make up a new Twitter list of people doing open-related work at OU; I've got a huge Twitter list for OU faculty/staff and OU programs, so I'll run through those looking for people who are using blogs, websites, Twitter, etc. to share their teaching and learning, and I'll let them know about this chat. Meanwhile, if you have people to suggest for that list now, let me know! Just tweet me (@OnlineCrsLady) with their names and Twitter handles. That will be great!

Okay, here is first run at a Twitter list: OpenTeachingOU Twitter list. I'm sure there are lots of people I have forgotten... let me know! :-)


Leave comments here at the blog, at the Google Doc, or over at Google+. Here's the Google+ post embedded: