April 19, 2015

Rhizo15 Combination Feed in Inoreader

I'm in the process of setting up a combination #Rhizo15 feed in Inoreader. It's not as fancy as the nifty syndication engine that Alan Levine set up for Connected Courses, but I think it can still be useful! Inoreader is an RSS reader but, unlike most RSS readers, it is a powerful syndication tool also, so that you can create your own "combination" feeds and share them with others. So, I'm making a combination feed of all the #Rhizo15 blogs I can find. You can use the resulting RSS feed (plus OPML file) in any feed reader that you want.

Update: 75 blogs and counting (!). :-)

Here's how it works:

1. Share your blog! I've set up a GOOGLE FORM where people can share their RSS feed, either the feed for their whole blog or just for Rhizo15 posts.

2. I'll add to Inoreader. Each day I'll grab those RSS feed addresses and add them to my Inoreader. I'll put them in a folder called "Rhizo15."

3. Grab for your own use. That public Inoreader folder generates its own RSS feed for the Rhizo15 folder along with an HTML clippings stream, plus a public OPML for that folder.

(And for those of you who want to actually use Inoreader as a feed reader, it offers dynamic OPML support which is very cool!)

4. View as bundle. In addition, I've created an Inoreader Rhizo15 Bundle. I'm not a bundle-user myself, but you might find it useful! Here's a bundle screenshot in magazine view; you choose different bundle views in upper right-hand corner. You don't have to be an Inoreader user to view the bundle, although if you want to subscribe to the bundle, you have to do that in Inoreader — but you can subscribe to the RSS feed using any RSS feed reader; it's just good old-fashioned RSS. :-)

I'll come back later and update with additional information here about how Inoreader works. I love their combination RSS feeds and HTML clips. :-)

Meanwhile, I harvested some blog addresses from Lenandler Singh's spreadsheet to get the feed up and running. If anybody else is running something like this (a spreadsheet, OPML, anything like that), let me know in the comments here or at Twitter (@OnlineCrsLady).

This is going to be super-useful for me as I try to keep up with all the great Rhizo15 blogging as well as Twitter, and I am glad if the RSS or HTML or OPML can be useful to others. Here's how I see the incoming stream on my Inoreader homepage, along with other must-read folders. For those of you who are still pining away for Google Reader, you might want to give Inoreader a try. I think it is AMAZING both for aggregating and, even better, for syndicating publicly, sharing what you read back out with the world. :-)


  1. Thanks so much for doing this, Laura. How very kind—and oh so rhizomatic.

    1. This is super fun. I thought I'd hate an RSS reader, but actually it gives me a sense of peace, as I know the blogs are saved for when I have time to read them.

    2. Oh, it is SO COOL, Sarah: you can also add tags and labels to keep track of things. I use it to create an "omnifeed" of my activity across different platforms. It makes me feel (almost) unified, ha ha. Here's where I do that:

  2. This morning I posted on the #rhizo15 FB page my intent to Ino-ize (inotize?) rhizo15 blogs. I don't have to and am behind on the edblogs and adjunct blogs projects anyway. If there is anything more efficient than inotizing feeds, it would have to be someone else do it more efficiently.

    Not being able to decide which blog to rhizowhatever from is an effective procrastination device. I'm trying to do more commenting anyway since so much of my blogging time goes elsewhere

    1. PS I'll post this over to FB group to catch the rhizzers there

    2. Oooooh, thank you, Vanessa! A bunch of people have mentioned the Facebook space, so I bet it is hopping. Much appreciated!!!

    3. my network theory simplified: nobody has to be everywhere online if a) enough ppl are in more than one place; b) tag and share, and c) everybody tags, mentions and includes links

    4. EXACTLY. For me Inoreader is a "place" where I stay and spend time, but I like the way that it is also a kind of transit hub, sending stuff out to other destinations where people might be, while also bringing stuff back from those other places. :-)

  3. golly.. I'm feeling all moved up a level or something by reading this - thanks Laura, I'll follow your advice here and start letting a machine organise my reading... maybe it will help cope ;)


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