June 16, 2019

Data Mongering (9): Domains and More

Today's round-up is a bit different: I haven't been keeping up with Twitter this week so much except for #Domains19 and the aftermath, so I've just got a couple of Twitter items to share... but I also have some items to share from Domains19 since surveillance was indeed a theme of the conference, so scroll on down for that. As for the round-ups, This is my ninth round-up; you can see previous round-ups here: Data-Mongering Round-Ups. And I'm using #datamongering as a hashtag at Twitter; if others want to start using that hashtag to connect and share, that would be super!

From the Twitterverse...

My favorite item from Twitter this week was this very helpful blog post from Matt Crosslin (@grandeped): So What Do You Want From Learning Analytics? The whole post is a great read; here are the topic headings:
Mandatory training for all LA researchers in the history of educational research, learning theory, educational psychology, learning science, and curriculum & instruction. / Mandatory training for all LA researchers in structural inequalities and the role of tech and algorithms in creating and enforcing those inequalities. / Require all LA research projects to include instructional designers, learning theorists, educational psychologists, actual instructors, real students, people trained in dealing with structural inequalities, etc as part of the research team from the very beginning. / Be honest about the limitations and bias of LA. / Commit to creating realistic practical applications for instructors and students. / Make protecting privacy your guiding principle. Period. / Openness. 

And here's an event coming up on June 24 with Maha Bali and Bryan Alexander; I'm going to be traveling that day so I can't join in the live session, but I hope I can find some time to annotate. Links and lots of great stuff to read and explore at Maha's post about the event: The other side of  student empowerment in a digital world #FOEcast.

And now....


Tim is uploading all the Domains19 presentations (screens and audio) to YouTube, so keep an eye on Reclaim Hosting's YouTube channel for more as they arrive. The great folks at Reclaim Hosting did a fantastic job with every aspect of this event. Surveillance, privacy, and data ownership were some of the main themes of the conference, and it was a focus of Chris Gilliard and sava saheli singh's keynote on Monday, and also of Martin Hawksey's keynote on Tuesday. Those keynotes are not up at YouTube yet, but they will be soon. The Domains19 Schedule will also have links presentation by presentation; you will see that many of the presentations are relevant to surveillance, datamongering, privacy, etc. For now, I've embedded the brilliant films from sava's Screening Surveillance project, along with some of the Domains presentations that are already up and running at YouTube (thank you for sharing all that out, Tim!).

Model Employee
(and also a Q&A session about this video)

I'll add on to this list below as more of the presentations relevant to datamongering come online at Reclaim's YouTube:

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