February 9, 2020

Canvas Student Survey on Data and Predictive Algorithms

On February 9, I released an opinion poll about Canvas Data and Predictive Algorithms to the students in my three online classes at the University of Oklahoma, and I also designed it so that the form could be used by other students at other schools. Here is the survey:

I will keep that online until Monday, March 9 (which is the middle of our semester). I'll write up the results and share them with Instructure then. There's a form here if you want to sign up to receive the results:

As you can see, this opinion poll reflects my personal concerns (about which I have written extensively at this blog), but I hope it can be useful to others. So, please feel free to share this poll with your students, and also feel free to adapt it to reflect your own context and questions about Canvas data. Melissa Loble at Instructure has said she would like to hear student voices on these topics, so I am glad to have a chance to gather up comments from my students, along with any other students who want to use this as their platform from which to speak.

I am curious to see what my students will say, and I know I am going to learn a lot from their perspectives! Maybe Instructure will find a way to gather feedback from the millions of student users of Canvas; for now, I am just hoping to understand better the perspectives of my own students, and also to share this opinion poll for others who want to hear what students have to say.

This is just a blog post, not a tweet, but I'll add one of my favorite Twitter hashtags/mantras: #AskStudents.

Canvas Data. Be Heard. 
Are you a student? Please share your thoughts.
The survey will be available until March 9 2020.
For more information contact Laura Gibbs: