March 15, 2020

Canvas Tips: Course Card Images

It's a small thing, but honestly one of my favorite things: I love getting to choose an image for each of my course cards. Here's what I have this semester, in a screenshot from the very first assignment students do at the start of the course; I make sure to include links there for where they can find out more about the images I picked for the semester:

It's easy! To choose a course card image for your course, just go to your course Settings: Course Details and choose an image. You can browse CC-licensed images at Unsplash or upload an image from your computer. You can also choose a name (a nickname) for your course, which is very helpful if you have user-unfriendly course naming conventions at your school.

Even better: students can also give their own nicknames to courses! Here are the tips I share with students about configuring their Dashboard to choose nicknames for courses, remove the color overlay, and other Dashboard details: Canvas Dashboard.