March 18, 2020

#PassFailNation: Alternate Grading

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Thanks to David Perry at Twitter, we have a hashtag: #PassFailNation. Why that hashtag? See his piece at CNN: Why a pass/fail option is a good move for everyone.

I'm collecting information here about schools that are using P/NP and other alternatives to traditional ABCDF grading in response to the stress and chaos of the coronavirus crisis. Please let me know if there are others I can list here! You can leave a comment here or ping me at Twitter: @OnlineCrsLady. There are also some spreadsheets people have put up which I check periodically: link to related spreadsheets.

DIIGO: To start categorizing the policies, I have everything at Diigo, which is also searchable. The documented policies are tagged with PNP and you can see the other tags I am using here: USA or Canada or Australia | 4-year or 2-year no-letter-grade or letter-grade-option.
You can also see pending policies I have not been able to document yet, and documented policies not yet blogged here.

Total schools with documented policies as of April 6: 194.

I'm doing a presentation for the OK Learning Summit on ungrading, and the first half of that presentation is about the policies: transcript | video | slideshow.

I was originally posting each school here in the blog post, but after 100 schools I started to focus just on Diigo. You will still find those school details below, but the newest additions are here, with links to the Diigo record containing links and details.

American University of Beirut - Augustana - Austin Community CollegeBarnard - BatesBinghamton - Boise StateBoston University - BrownCalifornia Community Colleges - ClemsonCollege of CharlestonConnecticut Community Colleges - Dixie StateDrakeEast Tennessee State - ElonFlorida Polytechnic - Fresno StateHarvardIndiana State - Indiana UniversityJohns Hopkins - Kansas StateMarquette - MarshallMemorialMSU Denver - MSTMontana State - Montclair State - New SchoolNorth Carolina A&T - Northern Arizona -  Notre Dame - Ohio University - Oregon State - PrincetonQueen’s University - Roger WilliamsSt. Mary's - San Jose StateSewanee - Southeastern LouisianaSIU Carbondale - SMUStanfordStevens InstituteSUNY PlattsburghTarleton State - Texas StateTrinity CollegeTulane - University of AdelaideUniversity of Alberta - University of Arkansas FayettevilleUniversity of Arkansas Fort SmithUC DavisUniversity of Central FloridaUniversity of Connecticut - University of IdahoUniversity of Illinois ChicagoUniversity of Iowa - University of La Verne - UNLVUniversity of Louisiana Lafayette - University of Louisiana MonroeUniversity of ManitobaUniversity of Miami - University of Missouri KC - University of New HampshireUniversity of New HavenUniversity of Newcastle - UNC GreensboroUNC WilmingtonUniversity of North TexasUniversity of Pennsylvania - University of Southern Maine - University of Southern MississippiUT Austin - UT DallasUniversity of Vermont - University of Victoria - University of WisconsinVCU - Virginia Community Colleges - West ChesterWestern Carolina - WileyWilliamsWright State

These are the schools I had listed previously here in the post below (you can also find them by searching in Diigo, for example #PNP Auburn):

Auburn - Baylor - Boston College - Bowdoin - BYU - CMU - Case Western - CUNY - Clarkson - Columbia - Concordia - Cornell - Dartmouth - Davidson - Denison  - Dickinson - Drew - Duke - East Carolina - Emory - FIU - FSU - Frostburg - George Washington University - Georgetown - Gettysburg - Grand Valley State - Grinnell - Iowa State University - Kalamazoo - Lawrence - Lehigh - Luther - Macalester - McGill - Michigan State - Middlebury - MIT - North Carolina State - NSU (Oklahoma) - Northwestern - Oakland - Occidental - Ohio State - Penn State - Prairie View A&M - Purdue - Rice - RIT - Rowan - Rutgers - Sacred Heart - Simon Fraser - Smith - Stony Brook - Swarthmore - Syracuse  - TCNJ - Temple - Texas A&M - Trinity University - University of Alabama - University of Arizona - University of Arkansas - University of Calgary - UC Berkeley - UC San Diego -  University of Colorado  - University of Dayton - University of Delaware - University of Florida - University of Guelph - University of Houston - University of Illinois - University of Kentucky - University of Mary Washington - University of Maryland - UMass Amherst - UMass Boston - University of Michigan - University of Minnesota - University of Mississippi - University of New Haven - UNC Chapel Hill - University of Oklahoma - University of Ottawa - University of Pittsburgh - University of Richmond - University of Rochester - USC - University of Utah - University of Virginia - University of West Florida - University of Wisconsin - University of Wyoming - Vanderbilt - Villanova - Virginia Tech - Wayne State - Wellesley - Willamette - William and Mary - Xavier - Yale - York

Auburn University. See Will classes be treated as Pass/Fail? quote "At the end of the Spring 2020 semester, faculty will assign grades as usual. However, after grades are assigned, you will have the opportunity to work with your academic advisor to convert any passing course grade to an S and any failing course grade to a U on a course-by-course basis. Details of the conversion process will be made available before the end of the semester. Standards and requirements for academic progression will continue, and you will be given guidance on how any grade conversions will affect your progress."

Baylor University. See Pass/Fail policy adopted for spring semester. quote "At the end of the spring 2020 semester, faculty will submit course grades based upon the grading scale in their syllabi, as they would do at the end of any other semester. Any course in which a student has earned a C- or above is eligible to be converted to “Pass” based on student election. Courses for which “Pass” or “Fail” is elected by the student will not count toward GPA calculations. Please note that some course prerequisites and degree progression standards require a specific grade — for example, a “B” — for progression. The University will allow a grade of “Pass” to satisfy these requirements. Degree candidates intending to graduate in May 2020 will have between May 12 at 5 p.m. and May 15 at 5 p.m. to identify those courses for which they would like to convert their assigned grade to a Pass/Fail basis."

Boston College. See Letter to Students on Academic Policy Modifications. quote "students will be able to designate courses taken this semester as Pass/Fail through Thursday, April 30. The prohibition on taking a course that is required for core, corequisite, major or minor credit as Pass/Fail is suspended for this semester, and a student can elect to take any such courses as Pass/Fail."

Bowdoin College. See What is happening with grading for this semester? quote "For this spring semester only, the College will adopt a grading policy of Credit/No Credit (Crd/NC), with no option for letter grades. A Credit (Crd) grade will indicate that a student has successfully satisfied learning expectations of a course through meaningful engagement; a grade of No Credit (NC) will indicate that a student has not. Individual instructors have the agency to determine the specific requirements for Credit or No Credit in their course. Students will earn distribution, division, major, and minor credit with a “Crd” grade."

Brigham Young University. See Student Information: Grades. quote "At the end of this semester only, faculty will submit a letter grade for each course as per the standard grade submission protocol. After the grades are submitted by faculty, students can choose to keep the standard grade given or move to a pass/fail for each specific course. Standard grade A–C = Pass. Standard grade D–F = Fail."

Carnegie Mellon University. See Grading Policy Changes (see also FAQs): "Effective immediately, all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert any of your courses to pass/no-pass grading for this semester. All courses for which you receive passing (P) grades will count toward degree requirements, which overrides some departmental or college policies. At the end of the semester, all faculty will submit their course grades (A-R) to the registrar’s office. You will have 7 days after the date on which final grades are posted to choose to move your courses to pass/no-pass grading if you elect to do so."

Case Western Reserve. See Tenure, Admissions, and Grading. quote "Case Western Reserve University. See March 20 Message to Faculty: Tenure, Admissions, and Grading (pending approval). quote "Pass/No Pass Option: The shift to remote learning, plus the need to move (or stay) home gave many students pause about their ability to do as well academically as they had hoped this semester. Both FSCUE and the faculty executive committee supported measures to allow students to choose the P/NP option for any course (rather than just one)—or stick with letter grades if they prefer. The full Senate will act Monday; in light of the backing already, we are hopeful." page to check for updates

CUNY City University of New York. See March 24 Message from Chancellor Matos Rodríguez. quote "These extraordinary circumstances have prompted us to enact a flexible credit/no credit policy, under which students will have 20 days after they receive their grades to decide if they want to convert any or all of the letter grades they earn in their classes to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading." (Additional details: Credit/No Credit Grading Option Policy.)

Clarkson University. See COVID-19 Current Student FAQs: quote "With classes moving to alternative methods of instruction, we recognize that there may be concerns about how this change in delivery can impact students.  To minimize the impact on an individual's GPA, students will have the option to receive either pass/no-credit or an explicit letter grade at the end of the semester. (You will get to see your grade and make the final choice.)"

Columbia University. See Update on Course Instruction: quote "we have decided that all classes this semester will be graded pass/fail. This, of course, does not reflect a reduction in expectations, but rather an acknowledgment of the severe complications of this unusual moment."

Concordia University. See COVID-19 daily bulletin, March 25, 2020. quote "Exceptionally, Concordia will be allowing students to choose between a pass/fail notation or a letter grade for work completed in the Winter 2020 semester in courses that are not subject to criteria established by professional orders or licensing bodies. The pass/fail option is being implemented at the university to account for the current extraordinary circumstances and we are working to implement it as quickly as possible. Details on eligible courses as well as the process for applying for a pass/fail notation will be available in the coming week."

Cornell University. See Impact of Suspension of Academic Activity: quote "To support student flexibility during this time, we are extending the DROP/GRADE CHANGE deadline. The last day to drop/change grading basis has been changed from March 17 to April 21, which gives you two full weeks to adjust to online instruction before making any decisions."

Dartmouth College. See Provost: Spring Term Grades Will Be Credit/No Credit. quote "Spring term grades for undergraduates will change to a credit/no credit system instead of letter grades, Provost Joseph Helble told the Dartmouth community in an email today. Spring term courses will not be factored into students' grade-point average and faculty will still have the option of recognizing exceptional work by awarding academic citations."

Davidson College. See COVID-19 Response FAQ. quote "Students have the option of designating as many of their spring 2020 semester courses as pass/fail as they choose. The Spring semester 2020 pass/fail courses will not count toward the maximum of three pass/fail courses allowed to students. Courses counting toward major or minor credit in spring semester 2020 may be taken pass/fail."

Denison University. See Academic Policy Changes. quote "There is no limit to the number of courses a student may take on the S/U basis during spring semester 2020. Courses taken on the S/U basis in spring 2020 are eligible to fulfill General Education requirements and requirements in the major, minor, or concentration. Courses graded on an S/U basis result in a Satisfactory (S) mark on the transcript if the grade reported is D- or above. Students will receive an Unsatisfactory (U) mark if the grade reported is below a D- (i.e., equivalent of an F). Grades of Satisfactory (S) and Unsatisfactory (U) do not affect the student’s grade point average. The grade of Unsatisfactory (U) will result in no credits being awarded for the course. All spring 2020 courses in all academic programs may be taken on the S/U basis. Individual faculty and individual academic departments/programs may not make exceptions to this policy. Students must indicate their intention to take a course on the S/U basis. This indication must be made to the Registrar via a digital form made available to students and customized for the spring 2020 semester. Current juniors, sophomores, and first-year students will have until 4:30 pm on Wednesday, May 27, to indicate that they will take a course on the S/U basis. Current seniors will have until 4:30 pm on Thursday, May 14, to indicate that they will take a course on the S/U basis."

Dickinson College. See FAQ: How will courses be graded? quote "Faculty will have the option of continuing with a graded course or shifting the course to Credit/No Credit. For courses in which grades are being assigned, students will have the option to change the letter grade to credit/no credit after the semester ends. Credit/no credit grades do not calculate into a student’s grade point average. Any grade of D- or above is converted to a CR (credit) grade, which counts toward the 32 credits required for graduation and toward specific major/minor/certificate/graduation requirements, as appropriate. F grades are converted to NC (no credit) and earn zero credits."

Drew University. See Optional Pass/Low Pass/Unsatisfactory Grading for Undergraduate Students. quote "Students may elect to switch some or all of their spring 2020 courses to P/LP/U. The deadline to switch spring 2020 courses to P/LP/U is Monday, April 27. Students earning the equivalent of a “C-” or better will be awarded a grade of “P” (pass); students earning the equivalent of a “D-/D/D+” will be awarded a grade of “LP” (low pass); both P/LP will result in students earning credits for those courses. Students failing a course will receive a grade of “U” (unsatisfactory) and will earn no credits. For the spring 2020 semester, credits earned with a “P” or “LP” grade will count toward: 128 total credits required for graduation; intermediate and upper-level credit requirements; major requirements (except for cases when a “C- or better grade” is required for the major, then only courses completed with a grade of “P” will count toward the major); general education requirements. A grade of “LP” differs from “P” in that it signifies that a student has not met a minimum C proficiency, which is sometimes needed for progression through a sequence of courses in particular majors."

Duke University. Via Undergraduate Grading Policy Changes: quote "Effective immediately, Spring 2020 courses will transition to a default S/U grading option. If you choose to receive a letter grade for any class, you can indicate so by submitting a form to the registrar’s office no later than April 22."

East Carolina University. Via Emergency Grading Accommodation. quote "Courses graded as pass/fail under this exception will count towards applicable curricular, major, continuation and graduation requirements. A grade of pass/fail will not count toward a student’s GPA but will count toward earned semester hours. Students will have until June 30, 2020 to elect if a course is or a course is not pass/fail for the Spring Semester."

Emory University. See Emory financial support and updates to grading options. Quote "students may request the option of satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading in place of a letter grade for a course or courses taken during the Spring 2020 term. Faculty members may also request that a graded course be changed to satisfactory/unsatisfactory based on changes related to the move to remote learning."

Florida International University. See Will changes be made to the grading system? quote "The Faculty Senate approved changes to the grading system for the Spring 2020 semester. Students will be offered two additional grade options that will not be factored into their GPAs: a “Pass” and a “No Credit Earned”. Once grades have been posted to students, students will have 10 days to select an alternative grade of “No Credit Earned” for failed courses (F) or “Pass” for others."

Florida State University. See Student Guidance on Spring 2020 Grading Options. quote "Undergraduate courses that now use letter grades will continue to use letter grades. However, students may individually opt to receive a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade for eligible courses rather than a letter grade. Students enrolled in undergraduate courses may request S/U in eligible courses beginning at 9 a.m. ET Monday, March 30. All requests for the S/U option must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday, April 12. Students may select to change one or all of the eligible undergraduate classes in which they are enrolled." There is also a detailed FAQ about grade implications.

Frostburg State University. See Changes to Undergraduate Course Grading. quote "If undergraduate students choose to, they may select a Pass for Credit (PC) / No Credit (NC) grade for any class that was converted from in-person to online. (This option is also available for classes that were being offered in a blended/hybrid format. This option is not available for classes that were already fully online. Information for graduate/doctoral students will be forthcoming.) Friday, April 17, is the deadline. That is also the revised deadline to withdraw from a class with a “W.”"

George Washington University. See Academic Policy Changes: quote "Students will have the option to take the undergraduate courses pass/no pass for this semester only. Students who still wish to complete these courses for a letter grade may continue to do so."

Georgetown University. See COVID-19 Update: Flexibilities to Assist Undergraduate Students: quote "all undergraduate students at Georgetown may choose to take their courses pass/fail this semester, a choice they are free to make until the last day of classes."

Gettysburg College. See Modification to the Grading Policy. quote "Effective immediately, all Gettysburg College students will be permitted to convert any of their courses to S/U grading for this semester only. For all courses in which students receive Satisfactory (S), including majors and minors, this grade will count toward degree requirements, which will override some Departmental or College policies. All other academic policies will apply. At the end of the semester, all faculty will submit their course grades (A-F) to the Registrar’s Office. Students will have from Monday, May 11 until Friday, May 15 at 5:00 pm EDT to decide about moving a course or courses to S/U grading. In consideration of the fact that the student learning experience for the remainder of the semester will be unique in every course, there will be no limit on the number of courses students can convert to S/U grading. Students can decide on a course-by-course basis. All grades of D- or better in a course for which a student elects the S/U grade will convert to S. For Spring 2020 courses, courses taken S/U can satisfy major and minor requirements."

Grand Valley State University. See Temporary Academic Policies. quote "Students may petition to switch one or more courses to CR/NC. The request must be initiated no later than March 31 and the completed form with signatures must be received by the Registrar’s Office no later than 5 pm on April 6. The University will provide greater latitude on limitations for credit/no credit courses. Specifically, classes converted to CR/NC after March 15, 2020—and for Winter 2020 semester only--will not count towards the 10 hours maximum or toward the 25 percent maximum.  - Students must submit the completed form by March 31."

Grinnell College. See S/D/F GRADING: quote "Effective March 12, students may elect to switch some or all of their spring 2020 courses to S/D/F. The deadline to switch spring 2020 courses to S/D/F is Friday, April 10. Instructions for requesting a switch to S/D/F are below."

Iowa State University. See Pass/Not Pass Option. quote "Courses taken for P/NP grades during Spring 2020 will count towards curricular, major, academic progress, and graduation requirements. Faculty will grade students as usual during the semester, and submit the letter grade (A-F, I, R) to the Registrar's Office following the standard submission process. Students will choose to receive either the letter grade recorded by the instructor, OR a P/NP designation. This decision must be made between May 13 and May 19, 2020."

Kalamazoo College. See Frequently Asked Questions for Students. quote "The Kalamazoo College faculty have voted to shift to credit/no credit (CR/NC) grading for spring 2020 courses. Courses that are usually exempted from CR/NC, including those in your major and Shared Passages courses, will use CR/NC grading. Earning CR for these courses will not impede your ability to take subsequent courses in your program. Coursework completed during spring 2020 will enable you to progress toward graduation but will not impact your GPA. A notation will appear on student transcripts to the effect that CR/NC is the only grading option available for spring 2020 courses."

Lawrence University. I don't have a website link yet, but via Connie Kassor at Twitter: quote "All students may take any or all courses S/U during Spring 2020, even if the course(s) are required for the student's major, minor, or degree requirements. Students will be able to mask any grade from S 20 until the 5th day of F 20 term. I.e., they won't need to decide to take a course S/U until after grades for S 20 have been reported."

Lehigh University. Via Spring 2020 Semester Grading Options. quote "Instructors will assign letter grades. Undergraduate students will be able to elect out of the regular grading system and convert a course grade to what we will call the CR (credit) grading system. They can make this choice beginning in April, and any time through to after grades are reported to students at the end of the semester. Courses that receive a grade of CR will fulfill college and major requirements, even in cases where a grade of P (passing) would not."

Luther College. See Extension of Distance Learning Period. quote "the Academic Planning Committee of the faculty approved changes to academic policies regarding credit/no credit grading for courses, drop dates for courses, and graduation requirements specific to physical education courses. Details of the changes were provided to students, parents, and the faculty" (that message did not appear to be at the school website?)

Macalester College. Copy of email via Twitter. quote "Students may designate some or all of their courses to S/SD/NC. The deadline to make such a change is Monday, May 4, the last day of classes."

McGill University. From the McGill Daily: COVID-19 at McGill – March 21. quote "courses taken this term determined to be S/U can be used towards major and minor programs, and does not count towards the limit of S/U courses taken in their degree."

Michigan State University. See Grade Recording. quote "Student choice. For all eligible courses in which the numerical 0.0-4.0 grading system is used, students will receive their instructor-assigned numerical grades before having to decide whether they wish to have their grade recorded by the Registrar’s Office using binary grading system of S/NS. Students wishing to have a grade in one or more of their eligible courses recorded in the binary grading system of S or NS may use an online form to indicate their preference. The online form will be available from Wednesday, May 6, 2020 through Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Students who do not complete the online form before midnight on Wednesday, May 20, 2020 will have their grades recorded in the grading system that is normally assigned to the class(es) or as CR/NC for students who had already chosen to take a course as Credit/No Credit."

Middlebury College. See March 16, 2020 announcement by Provost Jeff Cason: quote "you will have the option to take as many of your current courses as you wish on a Pass/D/Fail basis. Faculty will still report letter grades for all students. You will be allowed to invoke Pass/D/Fail grading for any course—including courses that count toward all college requirements—and will have until May 1 to do so. You will not be able to revoke the Pass/D/Fail option once selected, so please make this decision carefully."

MIT. See Section 8: Grading in these Emergency Academic Regulations. This entire document is very thorough and useful, with 11 pages of detailed instructions. quote "PE When authorized, the grade of PE reflects performance at any of the levels A, B, or C, under the circumstance of an Institute emergency closure. NE When authorized, the grade of NE indicates a performance at the level of D or F for which no record will appear on the external transcript. IE Incomplete due to disruption. When authorized, the grade of IE indicates that a portion of the subject requirements has not been fulfilled, due to a major disruption of the Institute's academic activities. A letter grade may be assigned if the work is subsequently completed. To receive a letter grade, the work must be completed prior to a date set by the Chair of the Faculty. If the work is not completed prior to the established completion date, the grade will remain an IE on the student's record and transcript. A grade of IE does not carry credit but need not be resolved prior to graduation. The PE grade provides full credit for a subject and can be used to fulfill General Institute Requirements, minor requirements,or departmental requirements. If a student receives an IE grade and subsequently completes the work, then the student's record will be revised to show IE/PE."

North Carolina State University. See New Grading Options Available This Spring. quote "An enhanced Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading option will be available to students that can be applied to all graduate and undergraduate courses. The S/U grade will not carry grade points and will not impact your GPA. A grade of S will be assigned by the course instructor when the work is judged to be of C- quality or better. A grade of S will fulfill degree requirements, C-wall requirements, and prerequisites for future courses. A grade of U will not earn credit and will not affect a student’s GPA, though it will be used in Satisfactory Academic Progress calculations."

NSU Northeastern State University (Oklahoma). See March 24 Statement from the Provost. quote "NSU faculty will assign letter grades for the Spring 2020 courses in progress. A grade of W will not be assigned unless a student has withdrawn from a course. After grades are posted, students can elect to change from a standard letter grade for a Spring 2020 course to P/NP grading options."

Northwestern. See Update to Winter Finals Policy. quote "Undergraduates will also be given the option to change their winter term grade from a quality assessment (a letter grade) to Pass/Fail. That retroactive change can be pursued in the spring quarter and with the consultation of your academic advisor. More details about the mechanics of that change will be shared early in the spring term." [This applies to their Winter Quarter; students also have the option to take the grade they had prior to the final if they do not / cannot take the final.]

Oakland University. See COVID-19 Students. quote "The University has created a temporary modification to the grading policy for Winter 2020. Undergraduate students will be permitted to convert any undergraduate courses to satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grading for this semester, and S/U grades will not be used in grade point calculations. There is no limit to the number of courses that can be converted to S/U grading. Requests to have grading converted to the S/U format are due by Friday, May 8. More information will be available during the week of finals to help guide your decision."

Occidental College. See Academic Program Updates for students. quote "The last day a student may submit a contract to have a course be graded on a CR/NC basis has been extended to the last day of classes, Tuesday, April 28th" [with additional announcements to come]

Ohio State University. See Grading policy changes. quote "Extended opportunity to take courses Pass/No Pass (PA/NP) This option can be invoked until April 17, 2020, and is enacted by your academic advisor. For undergraduate students, any grade of D or better will be marked as “Pass”; grades below D are marked as “No Pass.” Pass/No Pass grades do not count in the calculation of GPA. This option can be applied to any courses taken in Spring 2020 for general elective credit (not part of a major or minor program) or courses taken in Spring 2020 to satisfy General Education requirements. Grades of Pass count towards graduation and are considered to fulfill requirements. Some academic colleges are extending this option to include course work taken for a major or for minor."

Penn State University. See Optional alternative grading scale. quote "Under the new system, undergraduate students will be able to choose to keep their current grade, or to have courses graded with one of three alternate grades: SAT, or satisfactory, representing a grade of C or better; V, a passing grade available if a student gets a D in a course; Z, or no grade, which can be used to replace an F grade, and will be treated similarly to if the student had late-dropped the class All three of these alternate grades will have no impact on a students’ GPA calculation. A grade of SAT or V will still count toward total credits earned, the entrance-to-major requirement credit window, semester standing and the opportunity to purchase football tickets. For the spring 2020 semester, faculty will be given an additional week to enter letter grades at the conclusion of the semester. Once grades are entered, students who are pleased with their performance will be able to keep their letter grades. Students who would like one or more of their grades replaced with a grade from this alternate system will then have approximately one week to consult with their academic adviser to request to opt into the alternate grading system for each course individually."

Prairie View A&M University. See Temporary Changes to Grading Policy. quote "Undergraduate students have the option of designating as many of their spring 2020 semester courses as P/NP as they choose. Grades of C or better are considered to be passing and grades of D or F are considered not passing. Courses taken for P/NP grades during spring 2020 will count towards curricular, major, academic progress, and graduation requirements. Students have until noon on Tuesday, April 28th to make changes to their grading options. Changes are not permitted once the final exam period begins."

Purdue University. See Statement for Undergraduate Students. quote "Pass/No Pass: Students have until the end of the semester (May 1, Friday before finals) to switch any course from a letter grade to P/NP. The minimum threshold for a grade of “P” is defined as a C- for all 10000-40000 level courses in Spring 2020. Passing grades for courses completed in Spring 2020 will count for any and all degree, admissions indexes, and pre-requisite requirements internal to Purdue."

Rice University. See Any classes this semester can be taken pass/fail (student newspaper). quote "Any classes this semester can be taken pass/fail, Faculty Senate decides - The Rice Thresher. Undergraduate students will be able to designate all courses this semester pass/fail after the Faculty Senate approved the motion. The deadline to designate any class pass/fail has been extended to the last day of class for all undergraduate students. For all students, including graduate students, the deadline to drop a class has also been extended to the last day of class. If students choose to designate courses pass/fail, they may still uncover the letter grades by the normal deadline, which is the second week of the following semester."

RIT. See Ensuring Academic Progress. quote "we are giving students the option to select a credit/no credit (or pass/fail) grading rubric. With this option, regardless of the grade you receive, your grades will not impact your GPA. Students will be allowed to select this option up until the last day of classes. If after selecting the credit/no credit option you decide you want to have the final grade calculated into your GPA, you will have the ability to revert to the original grade you receive in the course."

Rowan University. See Students offered Pass/No Credit option. quote "Pass/No Credit (P/NC) grading will be an option for all undergraduate and graduate students in all courses.  At the end of the term, all faculty will submit final letter grades. Students will have seven calendar days after the date on which letter grades are posted to change the grading option to P/NC. At the undergraduate level, all grades of D or higher will convert to P. At the graduate level, the minimum grade required to convert to P will be determined by the respective deans of the colleges and schools."

Rutgers. See Grade Change Policies & Academic Deadlines. quote "Students will be allowed to make this choice through Friday, May 22, 2020, one week after final grades have been submitted. Students will be allowed to choose whether they designate one or more courses to be Pass/No Credit (P/NC). This option should be evaluated carefully, and students are advised to first consult with academic advisors in their school to understand the full ramifications of such a decision for their particular academic major, career path, and financial aid standing."

Sacred Heart University. See Community Update. "We are currently working on a policy and process for allowing a pass/fail option for many courses. We want to make sure students will be able to make informed decisions on pass/fail that do not adversely affect those in programs like nursing or who are planning to apply for graduate schools that may not accept pass/fail grades. Pass/fail grades are not included in the GPA, but can satisfy graduation, financial aid eligibility and other requirements."

Simon Fraser University. See grading choices for Spring term 2020. quote "For the Spring 2020 term, after final grades are submitted, students will be allowed to either accept their final course grade, or opt for a “P” grade (“Pass”), provided they had earned a D grade or higher. “P” grades count for credit and count towards both program requirements and the total credits required for a degree. For purposes of enrollment in courses that have prerequisites, “P” grades earned in Spring 2020 will fulfill the minimum grade required in a prerequisite course. Change to “F” Grades Any courses completed with an “F” grade will not count towards the GPA for the Spring 2020 term."

Smith College. See their COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions. quote "While faculty will record letter grades, all spring 2020 classes will be moved to mandatory S/U grading. We changed this semester’s grades to S/U to recognize the extraordinary character of current circumstances. As we move instruction into alternative modes, we are necessarily changing our agreements about expectations and assessments. In a new and unfamiliar environment, we cannot hold faculty and students to expectations constructed in and for a different instructional experience. Because letter grades will be recorded, it will be possible for students to request an official letter attesting those grades should that be necessary. This letter would attest only to grades, not to GPA. We will ensure that those who need evidence of your academic achievements this spring will be able to get it." [This is a letter-grade-option but with NO GPA impact, and the letter grade will not appear on a transcript, but it will be available on special request. I have no seen this approach in any other policy so far. I'm classifying it as letter:no but the letter grade is available in this very limited way.]

Stony Brook University. See Message to Faculty and Staff - March 20, 2020. quote "Most undergraduate students will now have the opportunity to choose between a letter grade or pass/no credit for the majority of their courses. As is true for the current GPNC policy, some Schools and Colleges may opt out of this policy and will inform you of your options before you return to class on March 30."

Swarthmore College. See Modified Credit/No Credit Policy. quote "The College has moved to a Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) semester for all students, with the option of uncovering grades at the semester’s conclusion. Faculty will still award grades, but the default grades for students will be to receive either CR or NC. Once grades are turned in, students will have the opportunity to uncover any of their courses’ grades from this semester for their official transcript."

Syracuse University. See Students allowed to opt for pass/fail grading option. quote "SU on Wednesday extended the deadline for students to drop a course or switch to a pass/fail grading option to April 3. Any student who would like to use the expanded pass/fail option must email their academic advisor by that date, Johnson said. Students should consult their advisor before making the course adjustments, he said."

Temple University. See Grading Options. quote "All students will be able to decide to keep the standard letter grades. Undergraduate students will be able to have some or all of their courses shifted to a credit/no-credit option. Graduate students will likewise have a pass/fail option."

TCNJ The College of New Jersey. See Spring 2020 Ungraded Option for TCNJ courses. quote "In all courses where students would otherwise receive a grade, faculty will calculate a final grade. After final grades are posted, a student can do nothing and retain the grade earned OR choose the Ungraded Option. Choosing the Ungraded Option will result in the following: In a course where the student earned a passing grade of “D” or better, the transcript will show CD, indicating credit/pass for the ungraded course. In a course where the student earned an “F,” the transcript will show ND, indicating no credit/fail for the ungraded course. The Ungraded Option is available to all undergraduate and graduate students for courses for which they would otherwise receive a grade."

Texas A&M University. See Temporary Changes to Grading, Q-Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines. quote "Students may choose an S/U grading scheme on a course-by-course basis for the spring 2020 semester. All programs that normally require a course for a letter grade must accept S/U grades for all courses this semester. Students will be allowed to switch to S/U Grading until the last day of classes by 5 p.m. on April 28th. Students are strongly advised to talk with their academic advisor before switching any course to S/U grading."

Trinity University. See Prepare for Remote Synchronous Learning. quote "For the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, Associate Vice President Michael Soto will waive University policies regarding Pass/Fail registration. If a course does not fulfill a Pathways requirement or a major or minor requirement, he will approve a request for registration changes immediately. If a course does fulfill a Pathways requirement or a major or minor requirement, he will consult the relevant instructor or department chair before approving the change."

University of Alabama at Birmingham. See UAB FAQs. quote "Students will be allowed to elect a Pass/Fail grading system on a course-by-course basis. The election must be made by the last day of the semester’s classes, which is April 24, 2020. In some circumstances, instructors or programs may not be able to use the P/F system. A D is considered “minimally acceptable.”"

University of Arizona. See Revised Academic Grading and Eligibility Policies. quote "any course may be graded on a pass/fail basis, and these courses will count towards program requirements and satisfy future prerequisite requirements if a passing grade is earned. A student wishing to move to the pass/fail grading option must notify the registrar by the last day of class for Spring 2020. Please keep in mind that some courses taken on a pass/fail basis are constrained from being used to meet certain major requirements."

University of Arkansas: Little Rock. See Emergency CR/NC Grading for Spring 2020 Semester. quote "This emergency extension of our regular grading policy will mean that students and instructors will potentially be able to use the CR/NC grade for more than just one class, and students will also be able to request CR/NC final grading later into the semester. CR/NC will be entirely optional. No student will be required to change the grading scheme. Keep in mind also that not all instructors will offer CR/NC final grades for various reasons, and some programs that lead to licensure (e.g., nursing) will also not be able to offer this option."

University of Calgary. See Final grades for the Winter 2020 term. quote "We have made the decision to offer our students the choice to accept their final course grade or opt for Credit Received/Fail (CR/F) for each of their courses in the Winter 2020 term. Once students receive their final grades, which are expected to be released to students by May 12, they can exercise their choice: to accept their grade or choose CR/F, for each course. Courses with ‘Credit Received’ or ‘Fail’ will not be included in GPA calculations. CR grades will still count towards their degree completion requirements. A grade of ‘D’ and better will qualify for the ‘Credit Received’ notation for undergraduate courses. For graduate courses, a grade of ‘B-‘ or better will qualify for the ‘Credit Received’ notation. Students will have until May 22 to indicate their choice to the Registrar’s Office through an online submission process."

University of California Berkeley. See Grading policies for the spring semester. quote "The default grading basis for all undergraduate courses for the spring 2020 semester will be changed to Passed/Not Passed (P/NP). Instructors must continue to maintain and submit records of letter grades earned. Students will be permitted to change their grading option to letter grade until at least May 6, 2020."

University of California San Diego. See Spring 2020 Grading Policies. quote "Courses taken during Spring 2020 will be exempt from the 25% limit on the number of UC San Diego units that undergraduate students may complete on a P/NP basis. The deadline for undergraduate students to register on a P/NP basis is extended to the end of Week 10 in Spring. Academic departments and colleges are granted the authority to offer undergraduate and graduate courses that were originally approved with the grading option of “Letter Grade Only” on a P/NP or S/U basis during spring 2020."

University of Colorado Boulder. See Pass/fail restrictions lifted. quote "To guide students, faculty and academic advisors, here are the key elements of these changes for the spring 2020 semester: The deadline for students (other than law students) to declare a pass/fail (P/F) grade option has been extended to April 30, the last day of classes. For classes that have a last day other than April 30, the class’s last day is the deadline for declaring the P/F option. See special session calendar. Students may change the P/F option back to a letter grade option at any time up to the April 30 deadline. Published prerequisite grades for classes taken in spring 2020 will still be enforced. After the end of the semester, colleges, schools, and departments/programs will have access to the letter grades that were converted to grades of “P.” If a student’s letter grade satisfies the prerequisite, departments will mark the prerequisite requirement as fulfilled. If the student’s letter grade is below the grading standard to satisfy a prerequisite, the grade of “P” will remain on the transcript, but the prerequisite will not be fulfilled. Letter grades that are converted to grades of “P” for individual students will not be used for purposes other than prerequisite checking."

University of Dayton. See Pass/fail options. quote "you have the choice to complete a class or multiple classes this semester on the Pass/Fail grading scale; this is called “Option 2.”  In order to receive a passing grade under Option 2, a student must earn a C- or better in the course.  Students will have until Friday, April 24 to make a change to the grading option for a course or courses this semester."

University of Delaware. See Spring 2020 Academic Regulations. quote "Grading: Professors will assign letter grades as usual. The last date for posting grades to UDSIS is Monday, June 1, 2020. Between that date and Tuesday, June 9, 2020, undergraduate students will have the option to request a change from a letter grade to a modified Pass/Fail grading option. Students may choose the modified Pass/Fail option for Spring 2020 for electives and courses that are required for their degree. The modified Pass/Fail option consists of these grade possibilities: High Pass equals grades from A through B-. A grade of “High Pass” does not impact the student’s GPA. A grade of “High Pass” will be considered as meeting the minimum grade requirement for all courses that have a minimum grade requirement for graduation and will be adequate to allow a course to be a prerequisite for courses that have a minimum grade requirement of A to B- or lower. Mid Pass equals grades from C+ through C-. A grade of “Mid Pass” does not impact the student’s GPA. A grade of “Mid Pass” will be considered as meeting the minimum grade requirement for courses that have a minimum grade requirement of C+ to C- or lower for graduation and will be adequate to allow those courses to be a prerequisite for courses that have a minimum grade requirement of C+ to C- or lower. Low Pass equals grades from D+ through D-. A grade of “Low Pass” does not impact the student’s GPA. A grade of “Low Pass” will be considered as meeting the minimum grade requirement for courses that have a minimum grade requirement of D+ to D- for graduation and will be adequate to allow those courses to be a prerequisite for courses that have a minimum grade requirement of D+ to D-. No Credit replaces an F. With a grade of “No Credit,” the student does not earn credit for the course and the “No Credit” grade does not impact the student’s GPA. In contrast, with a grade of F, the student does not earn credit AND the F does contribute to the student’s GPA."

University of Florida. See COVID-19 Updates. quote "All UF classes will remain online for the rest of the Spring semester. UF is working on an S/U/Drop option for students."

University of Guelph. See Academics COVID-19 FAQs. quote "A revised grading structure has been implemented for the Winter 2020 semester. After the final exam period and once students have received their grades, the following options will be available to them for each course: Keep final numeric grade awarded – No action required Assign a “pass” designation, when a passing grade is achieved – Submit an electronic form to Office of Registrarial Services (available next month) Drop the course via WebAdvisor The “pass” designation does not affect your semester average or your cumulative GPA. You will receive credit for the course. This revised grading structure (numeric grade or “pass”) applies to all students and courses. All students, except students in the DVM program, can drop courses. DVM students should consult college administration for further details. Students will have until Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to make their choice for each Winter 2020 course. See FAQs "

University of Houston. See UH implements interim pass-fail option for undergraduate courses. quote "UH has decided to implement an interim pass-fail option for undergraduate courses due to the “unprecedented challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic,” the University announced Wednesday. Students will have until 5 p.m. on May 18 to decide whether they want for their courses to have a letter grade or a “Satisfactory/No Credit Reported COVID-19 (S/NCR)” grading scheme. They can decide on a course-by-course basis which grading scheme they prefer. The interim policy applies to sessions 1, 4, 5, and 6 as well as the Summer 2020 mini session. UH will evaluate at a later date whether the pass-fail option policy will apply to future terms. For classes with a satisfactory or unsatisfactory grading scheme, all unsatisfactory grades will be converted to No Credit Reported COVID-19 (NCR) and will not affect GPA. Finals for the regular academic session end May 6, giving students at worse 12 days to mull over which grading scheme would be best for them once all assignments are turned in. Grades of D- or higher are considered satisfactory to earn course credit."

University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. See academic policies: pass/no-pass grading schemes. quote "The deadline to drop a full-semester course has been changed to April 30, 2020. For full-semester and second eight-week courses, you will be given the option to select the “credit/no-credit” (CR/NC) grading option as outlined in the Student Code. Courses taken with CR/NC may be used to fulfill major, minor and General Education requirements. There is no limit on the number of courses selected for CR/NC."

University of Kentucky. See Pass/Fail Grading in Spring 2020. quote "Undergraduate students enrolled in UK Core courses or courses that are elective for their majors in the Spring 2020 semester may change their grading option from a letter grade to P/F as long as the change is made by May 1, 2020 at 11:50 pm EDT. For courses that satisfy program or college requirements, unit faculty will determine pass fail eligibility."

University of Mary Washington. See Information from Academic Services. quote "The date for undergraduates to change a course to/from graded to Pass/Fail has been extended to April 24. HOWEVER, this decision should be made carefully. Total limits on the number or percent of courses that can be taken Pass/Fail remain and Pass/Fail courses will not count for General Education or the major. Students should only make this request having reviewed the scholarship and financial aid implications."

University of Maryland. See Spring 2020 Policy. quote "All undergraduate courses in spring 2020 will be graded pass/fail unless the student elects to receive an earned grade for the course. Students will have the opportunity to choose to receive an earned letter grade in each class and may make that choice until the last day of spring semester classes. A new website is being created for this purpose. The limit on pass/fail credits for the semester will be waived. Spring 2020 pass/fail courses will not count against the 12-credit pass/fail limit in a student?s overall record. The requirement for a C-minus or better in major, concentration, and Academic Writing courses will be waived for the semester. The requirement that General Education courses be graded will also be waived. The university moving to P/F grades will not jeopardize a student's financial aid eligibility." [I am not sure if this is system-wide or not, so I have recorded separately a Baltimore County announcement with an entry of its own.]

University of Maryland, Baltimore County. See adjustments to our Spring 2020 academic and enrollment policies (email). quote "In considering the options below, students are encouraged to wait until after May 27, when Spring 2020 final grades are posted, before submitting a request to change the grading method to the Pass/Fail option. Students currently enrolled in a course under the regular grading method (A, B, C, D, or F) may request to have their final grade changed from an A, B, C, or D to a Pass (P) by submitting a request to the Academic Success Center. With the exception of English composition (pending necessary clarification from the Maryland Higher Education Commission), all courses with an approved General Education designation with Pass (P) grades will be permitted to satisfy the General Education Requirements for Spring 2020 courses only. Note: For major, minor, and certificate requirements, only courses enrolled under the Regular grading method in which a letter grade of “C” or better is earned will be permitted."

UMass Amherst. See Guidelines Regarding Pass/Fail and SAT/UNSAT Options. quote "Under the current process, when courses are submitted to the Registrar’s Office to be offered the next semester the grading criteria for the course is selected (e.g., Mandatory P/F, Letter Grade only, or Letter Grade w/option for Pass/Fail). For courses with a grading scheme of Letter Grade w/option for Pass/Fail the instructor will submit a letter grade earned for every student. If the letter grade is F, it is factored into the GPA. If the student receives a passing letter grade, an initial computation of the cumulative average will be made. This average will include all graded courses from prior semesters as well as graded courses from the current semester. If the course elected Pass/Fail during the current semester carries a grade higher than the initially computed cumulative average, the reported letter grade will be recorded and the cumulative average recomputed; otherwise the P or F will be recorded. This ensures that there will be letter grading (A through D) for students whose GPA will be helped by receiving the actual letter grade they earned in the course."

UMass Boston. See Coronavirus (COVID-19) › For Students. quote "Both the P/F deadline and the W deadline are hereby reset for all classes (face-toface, online, and CE) to Wednesday, May 13, 2020. Students may elect the P/F option for as many spring 2020 classes as they choose. Students are strongly urged not to make decisions to switch to P/F in multiple courses without first consulting with their University Advising Center or college professional advisor and/or their faculty major or program advisor, to make sure that these switches will neither present unintended obstacles to their smooth progression in their majors nor complicate their visa or financial aid eligibility." There are details here.

University of Michigan. See Course Grading for Winter 2020: quote "All undergraduate courses will transition to an alternative grading policy in which faculty enter traditional letter grades, but students receive either “Pass,” or “No Record Covid” on their permanent transcripts. Students who are interested will be able to request that their “P” for a course be converted to a letter grade through a process that will be described in greater detail in the weeks to come."

University of Minnesota. See University expands to pass/fail option (article in the Minnesota Daily): quote "Undergraduate students will be able to switch their spring or B-term 2020 courses to pass/fail and still receive credit toward major and minor requirements. Students will be receiving further information within the next week. They must decide whether to change their grading method by April 15."

University of Mississippi. Via Joshua Eyler at Twitter (not yet at website): quote "The changes will allow undergraduate students to change a grade of C or better to a Z grade, and to change a C- or D to a P, or Passing, grade."

University of New Haven. See Message to All Students from Academic Affairs. quote "You may remain on a typical A-F grading scale or change this to a Pass/Fail option. Your advisors will help you understand the implications of this for your specific program. You may choose your grading options until May 5th, right before final exams. Students who elect a Pass/Fail option and fail a course will receive no negative effect that would lower their GPA; and even students who stay with the A-F grading scale and also fail a course will not have a negative impact on their GPA."

UNC Chapel Hill. See Message from campus leaders on grading policy. quote "Undergraduate students can elect the pass/fail option on undergraduate courses registered in the spring 2020 semester. Courses graded as pass/fail under this exception will count towards applicable curricular, major, continuation, and graduation requirements. Students will have until August 7, 2020 to elect to put a course on or take a course off of pass/fail for the Spring 2020 semester." ... and see also an extremely detailed PDF: Emergency Grading Accommodation.

University of Oklahoma. See Grade Policy. quote: "all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted (but not required) to convert any course to pass/no-pass grading. All courses for which students receive passing (P) grades will count toward degree requirements, overriding some departmental or college policies. At the end of the semester, all instructors will submit letter grades to the Registrar’s office. Students will have seven days after the date on which final grades are posted to elect pass/no-pass grading." [There is also a detailed FAQ for Students specifically about the Grade Policy.]

University of Ottawa. See Note on exceptional academic measures. quote "The motion includes evaluation methods and changes in grading and allows faculties to give a “satisfactory” or “non satisfactory” mark to students. Because each faculty is unique and offers a diversity of programs, the Senate decided to give individual professors and faculties the latitude to implement the most relevant measures for their programs, while maintaining academic standards and integrity, respect for learning objectives and ensuring an approach that is flexible and fair to students. As such, each student should receive information specific to each course from their professor."

University of Pittsburgh. From the Office of the Provost. quote "After the conclusion of this term, all undergraduate and graduate students will be permitted to convert any of their courses during this spring term from a letter grade basis to a satisfactory (S)/no credit (NC) basis. Moreover, all courses that are awarded S grades will count toward graduation/degree requirements and satisfy future course prerequisites, while those courses awarded NC grades will not negatively impact a student's GPA. By allowing this change to be made after grades have been assigned, we are enabling students to consider all of their options and have time to contact your advisors to fully discuss the potential impact of their decisions."

University of Richmond. See How will grading work this semester? quote "Students will have the option to earn a standard letter grade (A-F) or to opt for Credit/Credit with a D/No Credit (C/CRD/NC) for each Spring 2020 course they are enrolled. If a student earns CR or CRD, the student will earn a unit toward graduation. Courses taken CR/CRD/NC will not affect a student’s grade point average."

University of Rochester. From the Campus Times, Satisfactory/Fail is default grading system for semester. quote "Courses will automatically be graded as Satisfactory/Fail this semester. Satisfactory credits will count for majors, minors, and degree requirements. Students may choose to get a letter grade through an online form. While all courses graded this semester as satisfactory can count for degree requirements, they will not contribute to GPAs."

University of Southern California. See Course grading options. quote "While our plans are not yet formalized, we want you to know that we have talked with the Academic Senate and the deans, and all are in agreement that students will have the option to take courses either as pass/fail or for a letter grade, with the choice to be determined by the student. We will alter the dates for applying for this option and adjust some requirements to make this possible; we are in the process of doing this and you will be notified with more details shortly."

University of Utah. See The U Grants Students the Option to Opt for Credit/No-Credit Courses. quote "Starting March 23, students will have the opportunity to choose whether they want each of their classes to be pass/fail or to get a traditional letter grade, and they have until April 10 to make this decision. If a student chooses to convert their classes into credit or no credit classes, it will not contribute to the 15 allowed credit, no-credit courses the U allows for undergrad."

University of Virginia. Official statement via a Twitter screenshot; quote "For our undergraduate schools, credit/no credit (CR/NC) will be the default grading system for all classes. Students will also have the option to receive a letter grade. Students must decide whether to receive a letter grade by the last day of the spring semester classes, April 28."

University of West Florida. See Pass/Fail Grading Option. quote "All courses that receive satisfactory (S) grades will count toward degree requirements. Undergraduate: all grades of C- or better in a course for which students elect the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade will convert to an S. Graduate: all grades of C or better in a course for which the students elect the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade will convert to an S. If you choose to remain with letter grades in all of your courses, you will not need to do anything. To convert a course/courses to satisfactory or unsatisfactory, students must complete the Grade Mode Change Request form by Friday, May 1, 2020. The form can be submitted by students beginning on Friday, April 3, 2020."

University of Wisconsin Madison. See Office of the Provost. quote "We are planning to extend the time for students to elect a special P/F grade for a qualified course until May 22, 8 days after the final grade deadline. Under our new policies, just as before, students will receive a grade for any class they take, but also have the option to replace that grade with an alternative COVID-19 P/F grade for courses where this is allowable. We seek to extend this opportunity to most courses, undergraduate and graduate, but there will be exceptions, such as when strict program degree requirements or accreditor rules prohibit it. We will work to minimize these exceptions."

University of Wyoming. See COVID-19 FAQS: Students. quote "Can I request a change in the way my course is graded, from the traditional method (A-F) to pass/fail (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)? Yes. However, if you are an undergraduate student, you must consult with and obtain approval of your instructor and academic adviser before making this change. If you are a graduate student, you must consult with and obtain approval of your major professor before making this change. If I change grading of a course to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, how will that affect my GPA and progress toward my degree? Neither a "satisfactory" nor an "unsatisfactory" grade has an impact on a student's GPA, but an "unsatisfactory" grade does not allow the student to receive course credit. If you are applying to a graduate school, including professional schools, or if your life is not dramatically disrupted by the coronavirus crisis, it may be beneficial for you to have letter grades displayed and calculated into your GPA. You should discuss possible federal aid impacts with your adviser and/or the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid before requesting the switch.Additional information here.

Vanderbilt University. See Pass/Fail option extended to all undergraduate classes. quote "all undergraduate classes, regardless of prior status, are now eligible for pass/fail grading. The original deadline of January 20 has been extended to April 10."

Villanova University. See March 25 Message from the Provost. quote "The University and colleges have waived the normal rules restricting the use of S/U grading in Spring 2020 as follows: There is no limit on the number of courses for which a student may choose S/U grading. Courses in which a student earns an S grade will count toward the core curriculum, major, minor or certificate. All undergraduate students, including those in their first year, may choose S/U grading. The S/U grade will continue to not count toward a student’s GPA. The S grade value remains a C grade or better; the U grade is for a C- or lower. Students have until the day after final grades are due to decide to use S/U grading in one or more of their courses. This approach allows students to see their final grades and then decide if they want to use S/U grading in a course."

Virginia Tech. See A message on grading. quote "Undergraduate students may choose from the following grade options for each course they are enrolled in until the last day of class for spring 2020. Continue with A/F grading options. Select a new credit/non-credit grade system for spring 2020 only. The grades in the credit/non-credit option are as follows: “CC” – Credit for course equivalent to a C- or better; Student receives credit for the course. Grade does not calculate into the GPA. Grade meets the C- or better standards for progress to degree. “CD” – Credit for course equivalent to a D Student receives credit for the course. Grade does not calculate into the GPA. “CN” – Equivalent to a failing grade (D- or F) in the course No credit earned for course. Grade does not calculate into the GPA."

Wayne State University. See WSU implements pass/no pass option. quote "Wayne State will have a pass/no pass grading option for the current term to ease the transition to online classes, Provost Keith Whitfield said in an email sent to professors. This option is only added for undergraduate classes and is a special addition for the winter 2020 term in response to classes being online. As stated by the Office of the Provost, course grades will still follow the ABCDF grade mode. However, depending on the student’s program requirements and the final grade received, the letter grade may be translated into a P for pass or N for no credit. “P grades elected for this term will be accepted for general education credit, but care should be taken to ensure that the P will satisfy all school/college/program requirements,” the email said."

Wellesley College. See Academic Policies and Calendar for the Rest of the Semester (see the document for more information). quote "All courses this semester, including independent studies and senior theses, will be converted to mandatory credit/non grading status. We know that some of you would prefer to have the option to decide for yourselves what grading system to have for each course. During a normal semester, we would agree wholeheartedly that individual student autonomy and agency are an essential part of the college experience. However, this is not a normal semester. We are all affected by the disruptions that have already occurred and we know that the impact of the pandemic will evolve, for each of us, over the next six weeks. The entire faculty and staff of the College are completely committed to your education, but we also will all be working in the midst of an unparalleled situation."

Williamette University. See Information for CLA Students: Will this term destroy my GPA? quote "The CLA is extending the deadline for you to choose CR/NC grading for any of your courses until 5:00 p.m. Friday, April 3rd, at which point you will have had two full weeks of distance instruction. All students — regardless of terms in residence, probationary status, full-time status, or any other conditions — may elect to take any or all of your CLA courses this spring for Cr/NC. This includes classes required for Gen Ed or for your major."

William and Mary University. See Temporary Adjustment of Withdrawal & Pass/Fail Policy. quote "Pass/Fail grading will be available for all undergraduate courses, and any undergraduate student may select this grading option. Students may select P/F grading for one, some, or all their Spring 2020 courses, or students may choose not to change any courses to P/F grade mode. Courses with a "P" grade may be used to fulfill major, minor, proficiency, COLL, and other graduation requirements.  At the end of the finals period, faculty will submit standard grades for standard-graded courses. Grades of D- or higher will be converted to “P” for students who have chosen that option for that course. Students must exercise the P/F option by Friday, May 29, 2020."

Xavier University of Louisiana. See Message from Provost McCall. quote "Grading: We are providing students with the ability to request to be graded on a Pass/D/F basis. Students interested in this option need to opt-in by April 3rd, as the default will otherwise be to receive letter grades. Students will receive a Qualtrics survey via email on Monday, March 30 for this purpose and need to fill it out and submit it to take advantage of this opportunity." (see also FAQ document)

Yale. See Credit/D/Fail. quote "The deadline for Cr/D/Fail conversion has been extended to 5:00 p.m. on May 6, 2020, the last day of finals. Conversion can happen in either direction: that is, either from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option or from the Credit/D/Fail option to a letter grade. These conversions may occur even if you have already been apprised of your final grade. You may use the Credit/D/Fail option for any or all of your courses this term. Any course you complete this term under the Credit/D/Fail option may count towards your distributional and major requirements. As always, instructors are not informed who has opted to take a course Credit/D/Fail. They submit letter grades for all students. For students who have chosen to take the course Credit/D/Fail, the grades are converted by the Registrar's Office."

York University. See Flexibility for Students. quote "an extension of the deadline for students to opt in or out of the Pass/Fail grading option is extended to the last day of the final examination period to 9 May 2020."

(Earlier I was tracking some student petitions here, but I could not keep up; you can find the materials I removed from the post here.]