March 17, 2020

Feedback: My Diigo Bookmarks

In the "feedback bootcamp" exercises, I have lists of recommended articles for students to read and respond to, and I also have a big library of bookmarked materials for them to browse. I use a Diigo space for that, and you can see links to the different Diigo tags here: Feedback Articles. (That's an open Canvas course, with a Diigo feed down at the bottom of the page.)

A key theme is learning from mistakes and letting go of perfectionism. I've also highlighted articles about grading and how grades are not a very useful form of feedback to help people grow and learn. There are articles that focus on positive feedback problems (praise, especially empty praise) and on negative feedback problems (both giving and receiving). There are lots of articles with specific tips and advice about different types of feedback, including feedback for writing and other creative work.

I also have some "Feedback Cats" as part of the Mindset Cats; for example: Feedback is helpful: don't fear it.