March 17, 2020

Feedback: Student to Student Advice

Based on the great response I got from students in building the Feedback Gallery, I decided to start collecting student-to-student advice in the form of a Padlet, which I could embed in Canvas for current students to see:

Then, just last semester, I got a brainwave: I could take snippets of that student-to-student advice and turn it into a randomizer that can go in the class announcements so that every time the daily announcements come up, there's a bit of advice at random! I wrote up detailed instructions how to do this if you want to make one of your own: Advice Randomizer for Spring 2020.

You can see the randomizing widget here in the Daily Announcements sidebar; a different bit of advice loads each time.

And that means they see a bit of advice every time they arrive at the Canvas Homepage, since I use that blog as my Canvas Homepage: (More about blogs and randomizers here: Blogging Tips.)