May 29, 2020

Blog Backup/Export

I've covered the basic content side of blogging so far — creating a blog and posting, comments, labels, design, sidebar, pages — and now I'm going to finish up with some housekeeping and organizational tips.

In this post, I'll talk about how to export your blog for backup purposes and also for migrating from one blog platform to another. I'll be explaining how to do this in Blogger, and you have even more backup options (including auto-backups) in WordPress.

Blogger Backup

To export a copy of your blog, just go to the Settings, and then scroll down to Manage Blog:

The option you will choose is Back Up Content.

When you click Download, Blogger will generate an XML file which will download to your hard drive. This will not affect the content of your blog; it's just a backup file that you can also use if you want to export the content to another Blogger blog or to a different blog platform entirely, like if you want to migrate your Blogger blog to a WordPress platform.

I've never actually had to restore a blog from a backup, but it's a good practice to have, and I encourage my students to back up both their blogs and their websites, just in case. (I've got an extra credit assignment they can do each week, backing up their work and also reviewing the week's announcements; here's how that works: Back-Up, Check-Up, and Review.)

Okay, that is a very important but not very exciting aspect of blog maintenance. Now on to something way more exciting: Embedding a Blog in Canvas (or any other LMS which allows site embedding).