May 10, 2020

Inoreader Display Options

You have a variety of different viewing options in Inoreader.

You use the left sidebar (which you can lock and unlock with the hamburger menu button at the top of the sidebar) to navigate your tags, folders, and other content options. When you click on a folder title, you will see to the right all the contents of that folder. When you pop open a folder, you can click and view individual feeds in that folder.

You can then use the "eye" icon in the upper-right-hand menu to choose from the different display options.

I use the list view and the expanded view the most, along with the magazine view. It really depends on your purposes. Almost all of my students' blog posts contain images, which makes the magazine view useful, and the magazine view is also one of the HTML export formats (I'll have more to say about that later).

Rather than trying to document all the different ways of exploring content in Inoreader (there are probably lots of ways I've never even tried myself), I would urge you to spend some time exploring and see what you think.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, there is a mobile app version of Inoreader also, and like the browser-based version, it offers a variety of viewing options.

And now that you've got the basics of subscribing to feeds and reading the content of those feeds at Inoreader, I want to circle back around and say something more about subscribing to RSS feeds without relying on Inoreader's auto-detection: Blogger RSS for Comments and Labels (and WordPress feeds too).