May 12, 2020

Twitter Highlights: May 11

This is my #Summer2020BlogFest project, doing a little Twitter curation at the end of each day. This is going to be a good routine for me this summer! During the school year, I do class announcements each day where I include some Twitter items each day. I miss doing those announcements during the summer, but this will scratch that itch... and I'll be accumulating some good stuff in these posts to share with students next year too. :-)

For example, I will definitely want to share this gorgeous poem by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers with my Mythology class: Blues: Odysseus.

Powerful piece about FWP's Drums and Shadows, a book I was using in my summer research last year, and I'm really glad to read this critical perspective: The Haunting of Drums and Shadows.

Fascinating piece in the New York TimesHow the Buddha Got His Face.

Yesterday, I shared the Maati Baani video, and here they are with a write-up in Rolling Stone India: so cool! Maati Baani: ‘Music is A Powerful Medium for Peace’

A gorgeous painting of a storyteller from the Chandigarh Museum:

And this is just gorgeous: an otter statue! Here's what Met Museum site says: "The pose of raised paws signifies the otter's adoration of the sun god when he rises in the morning."