May 18, 2020

Twitter Highlights: May 18

Today was kind of a blur, but there was good stuff at Twitter as always.

FABULOUS find from George: The Mono Box. See thread for details! Here's the library.

Gorgeous graphic from Sheri! Original at Flickr. Update: check out this great story ABOUT this graphic in Sheri's blog post: Little Wonderful Blast from the Past.

And a lovely new one from Grant Snider:

A freaky optical illusion; see thread for more:

And an episode of Hidden Brain that came highly recommended:

I think I snagged this already, but just in case: Appiah on Boas: The Defender of Differences.

I had a student who did a really cool Indian horror Storybook last semester, so I sent him an email about this new Netflix show: Betaal (he had a vetala bad guy in his Storybook!). East India Company zombies and horror with a social purpose

Some OU Music! Igor Lipinsky

More from Joel Veena (there are problems with the stream recording, but some good music here too!)

More coming on May 20!

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