May 30, 2020

Twitter Highlights: May 30

I did something really fun today! With David Buck's help, we've got this Ungrading Slow Chat project going, so I'm going to be doing some ungrading curation at Twitter this summer too: Ungrading Resources.

Via, emojis for the new year: New And Handy Emoji.

Inspiration quote via Jon Winokur:

Something fun from McSweeney's: Ambiguous Grammar.

Via Tanmay Vora (someday I have got to learn how to do this!):

RSS goodness from Alan... I wonder if I can think of a cool Hypothesis project for Fall? RSS Feed Widget.

Great post from Open Book Publishers on how they do business: cost of Open Access books.

Via LACMAMeet the Musicians – Christian Moraga of Conganas.

From Lady ScienceColonial History of Archaeology and Museums.

Two new items from Project GutenbergIndian Basketry and Kachina Dolls.

Beautiful new song from Maati Baani:

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