July 7, 2020

Twitter Highlights: July 7

I'm trying to spend less time at Twitter; the administrative goings-on at my school are just infuriating, and I don't want to spend all of July being angry. But there are some nice things from the class Twitter.

More goodness from National Park Service: I need all the social distancing humor for the Fall files!

Crayon art:

Beautiful map and important thread:

Resources from Poynter: free classes in July; I'll keep an eye out for more free stuff coming up in Fall.

Feedback dice from Tom Gauld: ha!

This NPR item could be nice for StoryLab and/or for the bio-writing: We Aren't Who We Think We Are

Cool item via Jennifer OuelletteMysterious Stone Age flint artefacts

Maria Popova on Rackham's Brothers GrimmRare and Revolutionary 1917 Illustrations

Puns at TikTokWhen Wordplay Becomes Worldplay

Something coming from the Dalai Lama: Inner World

Important piece on digital blackfaceReaction GIFs

And a video on Miniature Books!

And a gorgeous Google Doodle from folklore: