Saturday, October 19, 2013

Twitter List: OU People Twitter

I find lists to be incredibly useful at Twitter! The main reason I have started using Twitter again is to be more connected with the social networking scene (such as it is) at my school, and I was delighted to find lots of University of Oklahoma faculty and staff who are indeed using Twitter, some of them very actively. I don't follow all of these people, but whenever I find an OU faculty or staff member at Twitter, I add them to this list, and I make sure to check it periodically every day. It is a source for many of my retweets, and I have made some personal connections this way, too.

Below is a list of the latest tweets from the OU People Twitter List.

If you have a Twitter account to add to the OU People List, let me know! Here I am at Twitter: OnlineCrsLady. I also keep a list of OU Programs.

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