Sunday, October 20, 2013

Chatter: A Dedicated OU Discussion Space

One of my favorite tools for the past few years has been the OU Chatter, which Eddie Huebsch (OU IT) has set up and maintained for all OU users. The Chatter had more users in the past, and I hope it will see more users again. It's a great way to have discussions, private to people who are part of the domain. I use the browser-based version, although I know other people use the desktop and mobile apps.

I make sure to check it several times a day, and I try to post something new there every day. Just think how cool that would be if everyone were using it! Admittedly, I wish everyone would use Google+ and Twitter, so that we would not be keeping things private just to OU. But for people who want a discussion that is limited to members of the OU community, Chatter is a great solution. Anyone with an address can create an account; for more information, contact Eddie Huebsch or me (, and I'll be glad to send you an invite and answer any questions you might have.

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