Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 10, Native American module getting close to done!

An exciting milestone today: I added the last two Native American units (see below), which brings me up to over 100 billion un-textbooks, ha ha ha (on that also see below). I'm already looking forward to when I can add more units too; in the process of coming up with this group of 16 units, I had prepared some other possibilities; for a few of these, I already had all the stories picked out and everything: Maidu stories, Miwok stories, Pit River stories, Southeastern Rabbit stories, Tlingit Raven stories, Yokuts stories, Linderman's Indian Why Stories, and Native American items from Andrew Lang's books (Lang has the advantage of coming with audio versions). And, of course, there are so many more options above and beyond those too!

Over one hundred billion UN-textbooks.

The final two Native American units: Thompson's hero tales AND Judson's British North America, which I wrote about at Google+.

I then finished up the day by proofreading the Blackfoot stories from Grinnell - and WOW, what a great unit! I had picked that out because it had audio available (there just is not a lot of audio for Native American materials), but now I am so glad I did. The stories are fantastic, with so many good opportunities for comparisons and contrasts both with other Native American stories and stories in the other units too! One of my favorite stories was a story about a "wolf man," but it is not what you expect: this is a man who goes to live with the wolves, for very understandable reasons. Here is: The Wolf Man.

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