Monday, June 9, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 9, proofreading and Reading Diaries

Such a good day today! I documented my Reading Diary ideas in more detail (see Google+ post below), and now I am doing Reading Diaries as part of the proofreading. Today I did Great Plains, Sioux, and Cherokee.

I also got images added to all the Cherokee stories, and even found a couple of horned serpent petroglyphs to go with the Uktena stories, although they are not Cherokee petroglyphs. Here is the first of the Uktena stories: The Uktena and the Ulûñsû'tï.

Reading Diary update: my step-by-step strategy.

I also found a HILARIOUS item in one of the Great Plains stories - a euphemistic use of Latin. I posted about that at Google+ too.

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