Sunday, June 29, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 29 - by the numbers

So, it's Sunday, and time for another by-the-numbers post (last time was about ten days ago). Here are the things I am tracking in my spreadsheet now, and I'm more-or-less on schedule with everything, aiming to finish all 100 units by August 1:

reading units posted: 78
reading units with overview: 41
reading units with library page: 47
story pages proofread: 1180
story pages with pictures: 1251
story pages with notes: 382
story pages with audio: 317
total words: 1,154,600 :-)

And now for the combinations. Based on the available reading units so far, the choice options are as follows: 16*15*13*12*16*15*16*15*12*11*20
(i.e. 16 options one week, 15 options the next week, 13 the next week, and so on; details here).

The grand total: five trillion and counting. Precisely: 5,693,276,160,000. Choice is a VERY powerful multiplier!

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