Thursday, June 5, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 5 - Noah + Eskimo

So today I worked on two VERY different things; I had one unit left from the Classical/Biblical weeks that needed proofing (all the other 15 of those units are proofed!) ... and then I got back to my focus for the next two weeks: Native stories. The contrast between the two parts of my day was very stimulating!

Noah Unit. Easier just to embed the Google+ post here!

Eskimo Unit. This is one of the very first units I put at the blog when I was testing my content ideas for the first time way back in March. This collection of stories by Knud Rasmussen is a book that has always fascinated me - both for the stories themselves, and also for Rasmussen's own life story (Wikipedia). I really enjoyed reading through the stories and I am so sure the students are going to like these, esp. students interested in stories about the supernatural (zombies, ghosts, wizards). I also really like that there are Inuit drawings to go with many of the stories, and today I added some photos for the stories that were not already illustrated. There are some awesome stories in here; one of my favorites is: Nuk├║nguasik, who Escaped from the Tupilak.

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