Friday, June 6, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 6 - Trillions of textbooks

Today was a busy and successful day for me: I had a revelation (!), finished up the Tejas unit in terms of proofreading and pictures, and added two new units. I wrote up two of those already at Google+, so I'll just embed those posts here.

REVELATION: I'm writing 300 trillion textbooks. Seriously, ha ha. Google+ post.

New Unit: HIAWATHA. Details at Google+ post.

New Unit: GREAT PLAINS. This is the fifth of six Judson books that I am including. Each of them has its special charms; since I am teaching at the University of Oklahoma, of course I am really pleased about this one!

And... TEJAS LEGENDS. I am so glad that I decided to include this book from Sacred Texts; I have not seen it anywhere else online. There are some beautiful legends in here, and definitely some stories that will really appeal to my students. For example, there is a lovely fairy-tale type story that is also an aetiological story: where the purplse sage comes from - The Maiden Who Loved a Star.

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