Sunday, June 8, 2014

Course Redesign Update: June 8 - more reading diary, illustrations, plus new Native Am. units

A very good day indeed, although it was a short one as we had a dinner party tonight (just finished, it was all yummy). Anyway, because I knew I would only have part of the day today, I was super-focused. I added a new illustrations icon to my content list to help me keep things straight, plus working more on the Reading Diary ideas (thanks again, Justin!), and I also added two new units: Grinnell's Blackfoot stories and Stith Thompson's Native American marriage stories.

Since I did Google+ posts for the illustration icon and Reading Diary, it's easiest just to embed those here. On, and one more thing: I finished up adding illustrations for the Apache unit. The Native American units as a general rule don't have illustrations from the sources, but luckily there is so much great nature photography online that I can try to conjure up a sense of place and also some of the animals that the stories are about. For the Apache stories, the Sangre di Cristo Range is essential, as in the story The First War.

Reading Diary at Google+

Illustration Icon at Google+

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